the NICOLE RICHIE thread

  1. I am curious if she is too. If she is, I wish her the best and hopefully this will straighten her out.
  2. no offense ... but i hope her baby will be healthy
  3. A bigger picture of Nicole and her bump.
    I don't know if it's true... maybe she just ate something?

    However if it is true I wish her all the best.
  4. I think that's just her dress making her look like she has a bump...looks like a "bubble" dress to me.

    found this recent picture from people..

  5. In baby news: A friend of Nicole’s says she is pregnant and boyfriend Joel Madden is the father.
    “Nicole is kind of hoping her pregnancy will keep her out of jail,” the friend told Page Six. “[We’re] wondering if she can carry the baby to term because of her weight issues.”
    The friend also claims Nicole hopes the pregnancy will keep her out of jail as she is facing jail time due to a DWI arrest earlier this year.
  6. ^^ WOW! I hope she IS pregnant, a baby should and hopefully turn her around... ::ahem Britney:: and should help her put some weight on!
  7. Great! She can make bad decisions for 2 now!

  8. yeah...i read this too...but I'm still not buying into it just yet.

    besides - wasn't this a story line on "my name is earl"? heheh...isn't that how they wrote in jamie pressley's pregnancy?
  9. God Bless her and the baby....maybe she'll start making better decisions
  10. Another photo of her "belly".
    I doubt if it's pregancy, but if it's true I wish her all the best.

  11. eww look at her chest!! i love nicole though
  12. Well, hopefully she has gotten her drug problem and eating disorder under control. Those are two things that do not produce a healthy baby. If she is pregnant (I hate to say this), but it is not unlikely to miscarry if she continues not to take care of herself.
  13. Pregnant people go to jail too, ya know...
  14. LOL!

    Hopefully the bump is only from the 3 spoonfuls of tofu she ate for dinner.
  15. I love Nicole. She had her problems, but if she is pregnant I hope evrything turns out great for her. I think it would make her look at life very differently.