The 'Nice Gesture' thread: either done to you or you've done to others

Thought maybe it might be good to have one of these threads for a change to kinda lighten it up a bit. It seems many of us are having a WTF?? or F* you day lately.

I'll start...

I went through a Starbucks drivethru last week and the woman ahead of me decided to pay for my drink. It was a very nice surprise so I decided to pay for the next order behind me. Don't know if that continued on but it was a good feeling.

What about you?


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
(This was a couple of weeks ago.)

I was at the animal shelter about to adopt a kitten that I'd fallen in love with (he'd have been our 8th) - like, I was literally about to go sit down and sign and pay the adoption fee when this little kid (maybe 9) walked in with his dad and saw me holding him. The woman working at the shelter had this "oh ****" look because the kid and his dad had been there yesterday and picked him out and said they'd come back. And since "we'll come back" usually means "this is our out" they didn't mark him as adopted & waiting to be picked up. So the kid and his dad are like, you know, we understand, you were here and you were about to sign the papers. So I handed the kitten to the little kid and I told him I hoped he had a lot of fun with his new best friend and this kid looked at me with this adoring look and he thanked me so much and I was just so happy for him.

And then I had to leave 'cause I was crying but I cry at everything.


May 3, 2008
DH was eating lunch by himself while away on business and when the waiter came back to check on him at one point, he looked really down. Apparently an old woman had left without paying her bill or leaving a tip. He was going to have to pay for it out of pocket and he hadn't even made that amount of money for the day.

DH paid for his meal and the cheap old hag's bill in addition to tipping.


Aug 7, 2007
I have paid for the person behind me before in a starbucks drive thru, too!

My husband and I will sometimes pick up the check for someone else in whatever restaurant we are eating at, and we have also had this done for us as well.


May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany
I was at the butcher today and an elderly woman dropped her wallet...she must have been around 80 or so. I figured the young man standing next to her would pick up the wallet, but once I saw the old lady holding on to her little wagon thing and trying to bend and pick it up I picked it up for her


amoureaux de cuirsac
Nov 21, 2007
Sometimes I take meals to a couple that would otherwise go hungry. In fact, they've reached that point again, so I'll be doing that today.
Mar 8, 2006
Desperately Seeking Deals
I ALWAYS compliment people if I have something nice to say! Last night I was picking up some food and noticed a girl who looked amazing in her jeans. I told her that her jeans looked fantastic on her, and she was so excited! She told me that she had recently put on weight and that the compliment meant so much to her! She was glowing!! It made me feel really good. Sometimes you say something nice to someone and they just kind of shrug it of!!!


superficial quirk
Jan 28, 2006
At a stop light , I noticed an older woman walking in the rain. I hopped out of my Jeep, ran up to her and gave her my umbrella. I am not quite brave enough to offer a stranger a ride, it was the least I could do.