The Next RAOK: Suggestions, Comments, Preferences....Feedback Wanted


Which RAOK Do You Prefer?

  1. September/October/November RAOK (3 gifts)

  2. September/October/November/Christmas RAOK (4 gifts)

  3. September/October/November (3 gifts) & a separate secret santa with a different buddy (1 gift)

  4. Give RAOK a break and start in October

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  1. OKIE....since I brought this up in the reveal thread I am worried that the thread will get clogged up and reveals will get lost in the shuffle.

    Therefore I'm starting a new thread...a little early...but better early than late LOL

    So....I am looking for people to hand out suggestions about anything related to RAOK.
    This can be anything.....from how I run RAOK (constructive criticism is welcome...I can only improve if you tell me what I did wrong), to questions on the questionnaire, etc.

    A couple things on the admin side that I have noticed and would love feedback on:

    Deciding who can participate. # of posts total? # of posts in LV forum? # of posts per day? I didn't have a previous hard & fast rule for this...should I have? LMK!

    Making it part of the rules to send a gift by a certain date (i.e. 21st of month) so that buddy receives gift before end of the month.

    Making it part of the rules to PM me a tracking/delivery confirmation/customs form that I have proof you sent package.

    Mandatory picture posting....somehow need to enforce this better. How? Some kind of time frame...people have been PMing me saying they feel like buddy doesn't like present when it's not posted within a day or two.

    No second chances? You miss one of the rules and you're removed? Or too harsh?

    Angel system: Do you like it?

    One of my thoughts is to have the Angels running in the not just for missed gifts or late gifts...but someone has a crappy day. Kind of like a sub-RAOK LOL!

    OK...and now you see the poll....this is my question on the RAOK: Should we start in September and do a Sept/Oct/Nov?
    Or make it 4 months to go through Christmas.
    Or do a 3 month...then a mini-Secret Santa as a completely separate one?

    If you feel uncomfortable posting here...please feel free to PM me!

    If we decide on a September one...I'll have a sign-up announcement posted by the end of this month!
  2. I havnt had the chance to participate in ROAK but i have to say im a ROAK lurker and Twiggers you do a WONDERFUL job organizing it!

    BRAVO!!! Sorry I don't have any type of tips, but from what i see youve done an awesome job!!! :smile:
  3. awww thanks so much! I apprecite it! I really love doing's a lot of fun!!!
  4. oohhhhh it's still early in the voting...but so far the 'give RAOK a break' is in the lead!
    If you don't mind posting...can you say why? Just needing a break from it in general or....?? If you don't feel comfortable's no big deal!
  5. I would love to be a part of the RAOK this time.
  6. Ok, I'm sorry for still being a little new but what's a RAOK? :confused1:
  7. ^^^^ RAOK= Random Acts of Kindness


    Number of posts: At least 500.
    Day recommended to send out RAOK gift: first of every month
    Deadline when RAOK gift should be sent out: 15th
    Make it mandatory to have a delivery confirmation/tracking number when sending out package.

    With previous drama that happened in the other RAOK, I think it'd be best to give it a rest now and start back up in October.

    I definitely love the Angel system!
  8. I think a little break would be nice for yourself Twiggers and for everyone else to get organized again. I also think that if you run back-to-back RAOKs, people who just finished may want to sit out because of $ or other things. I personally would need some time to get creative again. I also think that the Angel system should continue, but how can you monitor the progress of everyone all the time? Hm... Like if someone has a bad day but they don't post about it, no one will know to send a pick-me-up.
  9. just sent you an email twiggers! :biggrin:
  10. definitely in this time. and do an october one and a christmas one. kind of break it up in between these long winter months..... hey- can canadians join in? yes $ is any issue (?) maybe not---- but is there a $ limit? and u r an amazing organizer too! kudos to u!
  11. Exaclty what I was going to post - i participated in the first, skipped the summer one since I only received the 1st gift during the 1st RAOK, and then never found out who my buddy was. Needs to be enforced somehow...
  12. I wouldn't mind another one in Sept. but as I was reading comments, maybe a break would be a good thing for a little bit. I love the RAOK right now but I too could probably use some time to refuel my idea bank and actual bank.

    Other things..
    -Yes, I think a tracking number would be great. That way you have proof things are getting sent.
    -I think a minimum post count: 500
    -Somehow need to reinforce picture posting as it's all about a reveal.
    -Angels in the background...maybe you could talk to Tink as she has the sunshine club around for such things as well
    -Maybe time to put a $ limit in place. Some people spend quite a lot on someone and then get quite a diff amount spent on them. Everyone has their own budget but it would be nice to make sure people don't feel jipped.
    ...Phew that's all I can think of right now. ;)
  13. Thanks so much everyone! Keep 'em coming!!!

    Yea...the Angel system I am thinking of would take some monitoring, and might require a bit of work. So definetly open to suggestions on that! Although I still definetly see it being in place for missing gifts, etc.

    John: Fabulous ideas!!! I think 500 is definetly reasonable! And the 15th is a good idea...that way if I haven't received a DC # by the 15th I have enough room timewise to PM people to find out where things are, and even activate Angels if necessary!

    Suzie: Canadians can definetly participate!

    In regards to the $ limit thing...that is so tricky because to some people $50 is a lot and to some it isn't. I think it's really about the thought and creativity. I mean it doesn't take a lot of money to be creative and sometimes the best gift is a card someone made, etc. I really think that most people go into it not looking to get back the same amount of money (or at least I hope so)!
    NOW...that said...I do know that sometimes it's not about the money, but people seem put out about the lack of creativity/effort that someone puts into a gift. And I don't know if there is much I can do to enforce that....aside from maybe activating Angels to send something extra (as I've already done this time)!

    Phew...these RAOKs are sure a work in progress! I definetly think this second one is going more smoothly than the first one!! So far I've had to remove one person for not sending something, and I've got some issues with mail systems not delivering. The biggest issue is posting pics for the reveal....I've got to figure out a better way to enforce that!

    Keep 'em coming everyone!
  14. Not many new input, but I like the idea of giving RAOK a break since September will be a super busy month for me, settling down in school and getting used to things again!
  15. Oh man, that poll is hard!

    I'm not sure which one to pick.

    Either w/ Christmas from RAOK buddy, or from a secret santa!