The Next Food Network Star

  1. I love this show! I am totally hooked on it...
    I really wanted Adrian to win... he's SOOOO cute! ;)
    But it's too bad that he's gone now... :crybaby:
    I can't wait to see who becomes the next Food Network Star!!
  2. I'm surprised this hasn't been a thread before this one! I've enjoyed watching it - and was totally SHOCKED last night with Jag's admittance that he's a LIAR. Ass!@#. I didn't like him at all. His mouth gave me the CREEPS. Snake.
    So it's Rory and Amy. I voted for Amy. Rory's teeth. I can't get over staring at the teeth. I'm not watching her food. I'm just making sure that she can close her lips over her teeth properly. Poor girl....No seriously, I like Amy's presence A LOT better...
  3. ^LOL! I like Amy better as well.
  4. Me too, I like Amy better!
  5. Another vote for Amy! I rarely watch 'reality' tv, or contest type shows, but as I love the food network and happen to catch the first episode of 'The Next Food network Star' I got hooked. The food network really lucked out when JAG ended up dropping out, he was a disaster waiting to happen. He bugged me from the first show. I actually yelled at the TV when he was chosen as a finalist over Amy. I can't tell you how much I hope Amy wins! I am sorry Rory's pitch doesn't catch me at all....too busy to go to a restaurant...give me a break. On the hand I would look forward to Amy's show. I would hope with a little guidance from marketing and 'the experts' at food network she could really blossom and help all us moms. She could really play to a untapped audience at food network. An actual, current day, mom. With the right input she could show that food can be fancy and fun, without being hard...and families (even kids) can and should eat more than mac and cheese and all the other family style stand bys. I get tired of cooking the same old things for my family and am sure others do too. Sure Rachel Ray does 30 minute meals and Sandra Lee does semi-homemade, but sorry, it just means more when the tips come from an actual mom, kwim? If you think about it, not one of food network's major stars has young children (or if they do, they certainly don't incorporate that into their dialoge). Keeping my fingers crossed for Amy! If you haven't voted...go vote, it closes tomorrow am!
  6. I was surprized when they eliminated Amy too. A friend of mine's husband went to high school with Jag and has been saying he's shady from the start. I couldn't believe he was lying about stuff that really didn't matter for the competition (deployed elsewhere with the Marines vs. Afganistan). Rory bothers me, she reminds me of a Rachel Ray wannabe.
  7. Oh NO! They eliminated Amy???? That sucks. I missed that.
  8. I voted for Amy as well. I simply like her food better and it seems like she knows a lot, unlike Rory.

    Rory's food just does not look appetizing to me. All that butter on an already fatty piece of steak. YUCK! She reminds me a lot of Paula Dean.
  9. I voted for Amy too...

    Rory just looked like a "hyper" Sandra-Lee...and really, do we really need another one of THOSE on FoodTV? (hehehe...Sandra-double-D-Lee as my husband calls her...)

    (I can't believe this was season 3 and I just found this show! very fun!)
  10. Yahoo! I am so excited that Amy won!!!!
  11. Rory was sooooo upset! Oh - she couldn't even face the audience. She was so bent out of shape - she was hugging everyone and obviously sobbing. She really didn't handle it very well...
    I was happy for Amy and look forward to her new show in the Fall.;)
  12. yay Amy!! I knew she would win.
  13. Yeah, Rory must have been PISSED since she wasn't supposed to go against Amy at all and probably figured she'd beat out Jag easily. I'm an Amy fan so I'm still happy. :smile:
  14. I liked both of them.. I didnt see the finale, but during the previous shows, Amy seemed a little snooty because of her Parisian training, but thats good because she had more food experience...

    I love this show, that and Top Chef