The Next Dick Clark (Ryan Seacrest vs Carson Daly)

  1. Though Carson denies the rivalry, I still think that it'd be great to be a New Year's Eve Celebration icon like Dick Clark.
    Both Carson Daly n Ryan Seacrest did great as a host, but I believe everyone got their own opinion. So who would u prefer???

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. Carson! Seacrest is a douche :angel:
  3. Not a fan of either, but Carson would be better, I guess :shrugs:
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  5. Definitely Carson! Ryan is too cocky.

    BTW, how cute is Carson in that picture! I miss when he looked like that. I saw him the other night on Conan O'Brien and he just doesn't look the same.:sad:
  6. Oh gosh, is there any question??? Carson is the lesser of two evils.:devil:
  7. They're both tools. Neither of them really has a personality. They're so bland.
  8. i don't love either, but even though he's a douche, i gotta pick Seacrest because he's a fellow UGA alum. went to the same journalism school that i'm in now. if you can call what he does 'journalism.'
  9. Neither. :yucky:
  10. ^^lol
  11. Carson hands down. But that's just my opinion.
  12. Sometimes Ryan Seacrest seems silly (in a pathetic way) when he talks about celebrities. It's like he deseperately wants to join their group, but doesn't really fit in. And I realize this isn't a nice thing to say about his appearance, but I hate it when he doesn't shave and his beard grows out for a couple of days. It just bugs me to no end.
  13. carson!!!
  14. neither
  15. don't like either one of them but would rather have Carson if I have to choose.