The Next Color???


The next color???

  1. Grass green

  2. Hot pink

  3. Periwinkle

  4. Turquoise

  5. Orange

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  1. There is a bright yellow leather Choo in the Cruise 08 line. I know the Ring and Ramona will be introduced in this color. But if it were up to you, what bright color would you choose for the next leather Ramona, Ring or Riki?
    1. Grass green
    2. Hot pink
    3. Periwinkle
    4. Turquoise
    5. Orange
  2. I went to Nordies today to see my SA and she was telling me about the Pre-Sales starting Oct 31:yahoo:

    You are right Jburgh the Blue Mahala is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I must be good:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  3. Isn't it the Cruise 2007 line coming out? It was the cruise 2006 about this time last year as I have all the catalogues. If you go to they still have items from cruise 2006, SS2007 and FW2007.

    I may be wrong, but that is how they have done it for the last couple of years.
  4. Probably :shrugs: , lol

    Aren't you going to vote???
  5. ^^OK I just voted. We all voted a different color! I'd love to see a hot orange bag in the line of the Maddy. I just love that little bag!
  6. I just saw a BRIGHT Orange patent leather Chloe bag (kind of looked like the JC Bowler) :oh:

    A little too bright, even for me:supacool:
  7. I was going to vote for Green, but then I realised that I don't know what periwinkle means, so had to check that one up. I love most greens, but in a bigger size bag, I would go for something calmer, so periwinkle is my choice. My fantasy JC bag right now would be a Navy snakeskin Mahala or Maddy with silver HW.

    The problem with bright colours, when you live someplace where it's dark and cold most of the year, is that you have to choose something that works with your coats. The daytime light here now is gray and somehow in this light brights don't brighten up your outfit, they just look awkward. But hey, a brightcoloured bag is a great excuse for leaving on holiday to warmer climes:graucho:.
  8. Polaremil - Yeah, I did pick some crazy colors for this poll, lol. I agree with you that a navy snake with silver hardware would by TDF. I'd like anaconda...all over solid color. It is so hard to find a good navy bag. Great suggestion.
  9. I voted turquoise because it's my favorite color of the choices listed, but as much as I love bright colors I don't know if I'd actually buy a handbag in a bright color. It took me forever to finally break down and buy a red bag! I recently bought a Balenciaga City in Rouge Vif that is a beautiful shade of red and I had been lusting for a Balenciaga, but I think red is about as "wild" as I'll get!

    I agree with Navy is my favorite color! Which is why I love the blue wet look Riki so much! :heart:
  10. I thought I had OD'd on Navy back in the eighties, but now Navy and, say, Purple feel completely acceptable and wearable again. Manufacturers know that everyone is looking for the new Black and this is where colours like Navy and Purple come in handy. And metallics and natural exotics as great alternatives to brown, tan, cognac and beige/ sand.
  11. ^^ PURPLE! That would be my choice! :yes: I would looove a Riki or a Ring bag in a nice shade of purple. Not too light, but not too dark....
  12. Piiiiink