The next 24 hours ... My Fedex delivery

  1. I've ordered a bag, and should be arriving in the next 24 hours! :yahoo:

    These were the chronological events that took place, until now:-

    - Payment CHECK (last Thursday)
    - Delivery Address confirmed CHECK (last Thursday)
    - No news of payment receipt (last Friday)
    - Fedex Track & Trace email notification (yesterday)
    - Current status > in transit (Paris)
    * I've been checking on the status every hour or so

    I have been pretty calm and collected, but as the time nears, knowing that I should be receiving it tomorrow, I am near nail-biting anxiety. I hope the delivery would be a smooth, non-event one; meaning no problems with customs, taxes etc. And I sure hope no official has opened it to inpsect it. Who knows what might have happened in that process. :sad: Am keeping my fingers crossed!
  2. What did you get??? You got it from France? Was it from the mothership? Tell tell tell!!!! :nuts:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  3. This is better than Xmas!
    *keeps fingers crossed* hope everything goes smoothly!

    can't wait to see pictures!!:graucho:
  4. Kou,
    I ordered a 30cm Gold Birkin in Togo with Palladium hardware. Fortunately I read one of the posts posted by jag in the online/ebay thread and I instantly jumped at the opportunity and made contact. So, it's really a BIG thank you to jag. I PMed her last week to inform her I have bought the bag.

    It's from Pete (luxury alliance).
  5. Thank you, Fesdu. I am nervous as heck now.
  6. yay!! I love L-Z....congrats Mrs S!!!

    When I have things coming from abroad with tracking, I practically have the screen up and keep refreshing it to check the status until it arrives!! Know that feeling.......can't wait to see it when she arrives!!

    Whoo Hoo!!
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your first Birkin!! This calls for a celebration!! I'm sure your bag will come to you with no problems. My past experience in sending international mails to Singapore (expensive stuff included) have all gotten there within the time frame it's supposed to get there.:yes:

    You'll have to take lots of pictures of your new baby as soon as she arrives!
  8. Congratulations! If you bought from LZ, you can be assured everything will go smoothly. Please post photos when you get a chance!
  9. Oh, congratulations, how exciting:nuts: ... I love the gold in togo leather,:love: and the 30 cm is my favorite size...I'd be counting the seconds untill arrival! :yahoo:
  10. xxxxxx :smile: xxxxxx

    Don't worry S, FedEx is great! :flowers:
  11. Wow! That is one of my favorite Hermes bag/size/leather combos and LZ is wonderful!
  12. :yahoo: How EXCITING!!! There's nothing like waiting for an H bag to arrive on your doorstep. Please be sure to post pics of your new beauty when you receive it! Can't wait!
  13. WOW! WOW! WOW! I LOVE those boyz at Luxury Zurich! Mrs, you will LOVE that bag! I'm SO glad it went to glad. That was a gorgeous bag at a great price and I'll just tell you that every bag I've pruchased from them came in record time, packaged beautifull and in the exact condition they descirbed and without one glitch!

    How very exciting....OMG.....congratulations!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    BTW....when Croc comes, I will have purchased 3 bags from them and every one is absolutely perfection!
  14. Woah! Congratulations mrssparkles! Can't wait to see pics of your new beauty :yahoo:
  15. Kristie/grands fonds
    What you described is pretty much what's happening here. Except when the hubby is home.

    Kou, coco-nut, avadome, Gigi, orchids, shopmon,
    Thank you so much for your reassurances. I hope there's only good news to tell, and nice pictures to show.

    GT, avadome, shopmom & Gigi (who knows my thoughts behind choices and how this has come as a surprise)
    It took me awhile to get used to GOLD and also a classic Birkin. Being a newbie, I was attracted to lively colours and my fave is still the JPG shoulder Birkin (which I am waiting from the H store).

    I would say the GOLD grew on me only after some time, as something that is timeless, elegant and safe. Almost error-free, in another words. All my bags I use these days are shoulder bags (the most recent being the Chanel bronze bowler), so I would require some adjustments getting used to a classic one to hang around the crook of my arm. It simply means I cannot use it when I have both my kids in tow!

    Pete had commented that it's one of the best and most popular combination in a Birkin. And I am glad all of you nice ladies "approve".:P :heart: