The newest object of my desire

  1. I just got back from the mall. I went to the Coach store and I want the Hamptons Leather Medium Carryall in turquoise so bad!!! The color is beautiful! But I just don't have $328 to spend on a bag right now. Maybe when I get my next paycheck. :drool:
  2. That color is gorgeous!
  3. Great looking bag, but I could see this color at a Coach outlet by the next couple years or so. But if you want to get it right away and use it, go for it. Coach outlets offers about 20% discounts anyways.
  4. I saw that in the store just yesterday and was thinking how pretty it is. I LOVE the color and the shape/size are nice too. It's a very "going-to-work" bag but in a unique color..I think that's what I like about it.
  5. Oh I love that color too...most of my bedroom is painted that color as it reminds me of my trips to the caribbean and that amazing clear water...anyway I digress.

    Save up and the bag is yours!!! Gorgeous!
  6. I just ordered that bag in black as I already have a bag in that beautiful shade of blue. Though I still am debating ordering this one as well.
  7. That is a GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!
  8. I love it I hope you are able to get it soon
  9. That is a gorgeous bag - I love that color.
  10. that color is sharrrrrpp!