The newest fashion accessory? small dogs?

  1. Hubby and I were at Petco the other day picking up some more dog food when three young girls walked in - each with a tiny dog in their arms. This prompted a convo between us about how many young girls are getting small dogs because of all the celebs with the same thing. Maybe I am silly but it kinda of made me sad. I really hope that all these pups dont end up in shelters later on because the girls have tired of them.

    What are your guys thoughts? :flowers:
  2. I agree...I hope all pets have good homes and are loved because of sincere genuine want to love a pet, not because it's a 'fad.' To me, thinking of another living being as an 'accessory' just makes me sad.
  3. It is sad and disgusting. The other day I saw a girl carrying a tiny dog in her purse. She had the purse slung over her shoulder and the tiny thing was bounced up and down with every step. I asked her if she forgot she was carrying a dog and she stared blankly at me as if she didn't understand. I pointed to her bag and said, "You have a living thing in your purse. I thought you were either sadistic or forgetful since you were bouncing it around like it wasn't there."

  4. Yes, it is sad. When at SCP a couple of weeks ago I saw 2 Paris clones with little dogs...Yuck
  5. lordguinny, i'm glad you said something to her. hopefully that will make her think twice.

    this 'craze' isn't popular at all where i stay, (a tiny town in scotland, UK) the most i ever see is an old man down the park with a terrier under his arm..
  6. Pshhhh no, that is like, so last year! :P

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's the truth!
  8. It makes me so mad, too, Lisa!!
  9. ahhh, I have two Chihuahuas, and I would never put them in my bag. Firstly, because I have more respect for them than that, secondly, they would NEVER stay inside it, and thirdly, Im not taking the risk they might piddle in my Prada, or crap in my Chloe :biggrin:

    These girls are very sad, copying IT girls. What next, are they going to stop eating and start owning a Hotel empire, and dont get me started on what they might do to these dogs in ahem, adult movies ;)
  10. I have a Chi and I used to carry her around in her bag when she was a puppy. She actually loved going in there, though, and when I asked her if she wanted to go out, she'd automatically jump in. lol. She loved peeking her head out at everyone and loved the option of sticking it back in and laying down under the blankie I put in there while I shopped. I don't carry her in her bag anymore, though, just because she's gotten kinda heavy(my vet told me she needs to go on a diet) so I walk her on a leash now. For me, she's not a fashion accessory, but more like my little child. lol.

    I have seen the girls who tote their Chis around like they are an accessory swinging their totes around carelessly as they poor pups slide around inside. I knew one girl in college who did that, but once she was home, she left it outside on the patio or locked her in a crate. She'd complain about how annoying the dog could get. I always felt so bad for the pup and tried to get the girl to give her to me or sell her, but she wouldn't let go of her because she thought it would have cute puppies. :rant: Needless to say, I don't talk to her anymore, but I constantly wonder what will happen to the poor dog.
  11. I really hate girls that uses dogs as fashion accessories, and I don't know about the us and canada, but here in western europe we have a big problem with dog smuggeling where they smuggle dogs into scandinavia and other countries from former east block countries - many dogs don't survive, and here in Norway *all* that are caught by customs get euthanised (sp?) no matter what, and that's just sooo sad, I saw some pics from a bust, and I just started crying, it was so sad. I'm not planning on getting a chihuaua when I'm getting a dog, but if I got the chance I'd gladely pay out a lot of money to save one of those puppies lives and medical bills.
  12. :roflmfao:
    Its Oregon... we are always a little behind the times! :nuts:
  13. A handbag is an accessory.

    A dog is a living creature.

    And never the two should mix!

    Grr! (That was my fur baby Sam biting the arses of anyone that thinks otherwise!) :smash:
  14. I, too, hate people who use dogs as fashion accessories. Great thread, BTW.

    I have two chihuahuas who are more like children to both me and my fiancee. When we take them places with us, they have a carseat that they ride in while in the car and a stroller to ride in when we are out and about shopping and whatnot.

    We take them when we know that THEY will enjoy it. Otherwise, we leave them home with their grandparents and aunt (ie my mom, dad and sister!!):P

    I think that people should think about the comfort of their animal before they think of the "cuteness factor" that they are projecting.:yes:
  15. i have a tiny yorkie that i take a lot of places that i go as long as i know he'll be comfortable, and he'll get the love and attention he needs/wants. i DO however feel bad for the delicate puppies i see in bags that arent even MEANT for dogs. like the bags where 16 year old wannabe girls put their pups in and then like zip them up til the puppy has like an inch on either side to move.. grr i have to stop i feel a rant coming on... :P