The newest and the cutest!!

  1. Went to the LV store yesterday to catch a glimpse of the new collection and colors. This messenger was so cute and I thought would look great with jeans and the casual fall look.. I also paired it with a mini-pouchette and clipped it on the front just so the chain hangs out. Kinda like the look- what do ya think??. Oh, the first vote- Marlo- my cat- she agree's....
  2. I went to LV yesterday..I had the bigger messenger on hold and actually didnt like the way it laid on me..The magnetic closure made it buckle..(LIKE folds!)...even after I filled it up.Is this the small one? They JUST sold the last one when I walked in..I think its way too small for me but probably doesnt have the issue like the GM one does...
    Congrats..I love it and think its ADORABLE IRL..Sad that the GM didnt lay right on me...Even the SA said so..SNIFF!!
  3. Yes, its the smaller one and it fits me perfectly.
  4. Congrats! It' so cute, I love it. Do you know if it holds more than the tango? I've looked at the pics but I can't get a sense of how much it holds.
  5. Congrats! :yahoo: Very cute and your cat is too!
  6. Cute! It looks like a perfect messenger bag! And I love the mini pochette, very nice with the chain hanging out.
  7. Congrats! Very nice. Beautiful cat too.
  8. Very nice!!!:nuts:
  9. Yes, I had a Tango and its not very roomy. This Messenger holds a lot more and has an inside cellphone pouch.
  10. Thanks, I will have to check it out this weekend, if they still have some left. Enjoy your bag!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Bonjour, is it possible to get a pic from you wearing it accross the body ? Merci.
  13. Yikes!! Across my Body:wtf:..... I will try to post one later today for you..
  14. It's a really cute bag. My friend just got one a couple of days ago and it looks like a great casual bag. It actually holds quite a bit...definitely much more than the tango because it isn't a flat bag...the inside is boxy so it holds more than it looks like it would. Can't go wrong with it...its brand new, functional and a great price too (around $700) :smile:
  15. When I was at the LV shop last weekend there were a bunch of people crowded around the counter looking at these...very nice. It looks like it would be great for work and commuting. Congrats!

    And your cat has impeccable taste :yes: