The newest addition to my MJ Family!

  1. Well here she Quilted Blake arrived today! :yahoo: Here she is with the rest of the family. As you can see I'm a huge fan of the Blake. :shame: Thanks to all the ladies that gave their advice on my latest purchase.

  2. can i be the first to say that that bag is GORGEOUS. congrats!
  3. Love that white/cream quilted Blake! Lovely!
  4. What a beautiful collection!! I love your quilted Blake! Congrats!!
  5. congratulations!!! i'm glad you decided to keep it. :smile:

    you have a very lovely collection of blakes (and 1 mp). heehee...

    i love the blake bag too! the colors you have basically match anything you could wear. :smile:
  6. Gorgeous, I have one too! What color is it? The first 2 pics look just like mine, but the last pic looks a bit darker. I was thinking of getting another one but in black. Love blakes. :tup:
  7. her's is the white chiffon color...:smile:
  8. Awesome!!! Glad you're keeping it!! :smile:
  9. Gorgeous!! I love quilted blakes... they are so beautiful. Your collection is fabulous, congrats!
  10. Beautiful Addition to your beautiful collection!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  11. Thank you for all the kind words ladies! Now I have a it totally normal to be thinking about which one I'm getting next?! I'm seriously thinking of scooping up that purple patchwork stam on ShopZoeonline! Am I going nutz?! I guess this is how obsession feels!
  12. ^ i love the color of the metallic purple patchwork stam! it would be a really good addition to your gorgeous collection. congrats on your quilted blake!
  13. Blake is my favorite. That color is so great!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  14. Soooo beautiful!! I love your whole MJ family!!:tup: Congrats!
  15. oh man, the blake is gorgeous and i love the color! Congrats!