The newest addition to my little collection

  1. As I mentioned in another thread, I headed over to BalNY on Sunday and picked up a couple of treats.


    balenciagashoppingbag.jpg balenciagadustbags.jpg
  2. ..
  3. The first photo and the ones above are a little dark because I took them in the late afternoon, but I took one with flash. I will take some more tomorrow when I have some daylight to work with.

    Please welcome... Grenat Twiggy and Black Coin Purse!


    balgrenat_twiggy_black_cp.jpg balgrenat_twiggy_black_cp_flash.jpg
  4. WOW a grenat Twiggy, what a lucky find. I love it! Congratulations:tup:
  5. i love the color of the twiggy
  6. lol -poor aki.... all the teasing is wearing you out ;)

    bedhead - I love your new "oldies"! The grenat is especially :drool:
  7. Wow!! That Grenat twiggy is gorgeous!! What a great choice!! :tup:
  8. Thanks! I was shocked that BalNY still had anything in Grenat and totally thrilled that they had it in the Twiggy! It is one of my favorite colors.
  9. :shame::shame: Yes ladybug, I am getting impatient now...
  10. Though the grenat is pretty :girlsigh:
  11. it's gorgeous. congrats on the great find... esp the grenat!
  12. Congrats! I love the grenat twiggy:love:. I'm surprised that they had any left!
  13. Lovely...Is the black coin purse from 2008???
  14. Gorgeous purchases! Congrats!
  15. So gorgeous!!! Grenat is such an amazing color!!