The newest addition to my family

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  1. Granted it's not a new release it's still such a cute little bag... love it!!!!! and it's totally me!!!!! Wish I had my camera as my husband took it with him to the desert... but my phone will have to do!!!!!

    I have many more new purchases to come... and you guys are the only ones that even like to to look!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Awww this girly tote bag is too cute! :biggrin: Congratulations!
  3. That is the cutest bag ever! I love the pink. Congrats!
  4. Thank You!!!!! I love shallow obsessing.. it's great! I got some awesome earrings.. I just haven't received them yet!!!! Can't wait to post them! They had to be sent to my mom's cos it's a long story.. but they are the stuff!!!!!!!
  5. what a cute bag!:drool: we need proper modelling pics to drool over! post anything u can, hun :graucho:

  6. Not sure how "proper" this is... but hey what can I say.... I'm no model... although my ballet teacher does love my knee socks!!!! She is not apposed to letting me dance in them!!!! Yes.. they are Dior also!!!!!!

    I think I'm the only one in the history of such this bag to model it on my head... I'm a HUGE HUGE DORK~~

  7. LOL i love your pics!!!! :tup: I would never think of modelling my bag as a hat and it looks cool! great pics ! :flowers:
  8. LOL it actually looks alright as a hat, minus the handles :lol:

    Congrats on your purchase - the Trotter Romantique is one of my all-time favourite Dior lines, and that pink colour was also a seasonal colour.
  9. :roflmfao: I never thought of wearing the purse that way! It actually looks really good! Congrats! I just can't believe it! :lol: Johnny G should see that picture; I'm sure he'll really enjoy it, or pass out entirely!
  10. What can I say!!! I'm super creative... or just really bored... eh either way, it fit well..... I got so many stares today while shopping.. everyone around here carries Coach or Dooney.. or fake LV's.... very tacky.... but none the less... I was like yeah.. that's right keep staring.. I know it's hot!!!!!!!
  11. Great modelling photos. I actually thought it was a hat until I read the comment below :P
  12. :yes:ITA!
  13. love that bag ...on u is
  14. I freaking love you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait till my earrings come.. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!
  15. oh its so cute :smile: