The Newest Addition To My Family Has Arrived!! Introducing My Green Sissi Rossi!!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    I love the color..and of course the leather is yummy! The drop doesn't appear to be sufficient enough for me to carry comfortably on my shoulder, but we'll see.
  2. YAY!!! I've been oh so patienly waiting to see pics! I am in LOVE with the color! :drool: And don't you just love the way Funkylala packages?! :tup: So the strap is a little short? Even without all of the paper? Say it isn't so! :crybaby:
  3. yummy!!! the color looks similar to my posse bag (don't you have the same?). it's lovely. i've always admired sissi rossi bags, but have yet to pull the trigger on one lol
  4. I love that color. Will it bother you if you can't wear it over your shoulder? Just curious. I think it is a beautiful bag.
  5. WOW Bagdear!! she's beautiful that color is simply divine. Like a granny smith apple--yum yum. Congrats!!

  6. Good memory grechen!! It's a different shade of green and the leather is thinner, and I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying it this winter. The shoulder drop is perfect for me! Here it is...

  7. It will bother me if I find that I'm unable to carry it on my shoulder! Next week, I will try it out before deciding whether or not to keep it.

    posk51....I hadn't thought of that but you are sooo right! :lol: A Granny Smith apple indeed! Makes it all the more yummy...that's my favorite apple!

  8. So this beauty is a Sissi Rossi also? I love this one ^.

    LOVE the color and the details. I also really like the one that the thread was started on. Green is my favorite color yet that's one color that I have yet to buy a bag in.
  9. No, the photo bagachondriac posted there is a Posse NYC Carola.
  10. The second bag pictured is by Posse NYC...the Carola satchel. It's incredibly lightweight and best of all...I bought it for a steal!! I also have the BE&D moss colored Crawford hobo. Of the three, it has the smooshiest leather.
  11. Wow! That color is TDF. I hope the drop works once all the paper is removed so you can keep it (assuming you are able to stop lusting after the yellow). Beautiful.
  12. Pretty color!! Can't wait to see modeling pics! Congrats!
  13. Thanks ladies for correcting me on the Posse NYC bag. It's a beauty.
  14. What a beautiful green!
  15. YAY another Sissi Rossi...Congrats!