The New York City Tattoo Convention **Pics**

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  3. The beauty of individuality!
  4. I got my first tattoo at a tattoo convention, Charlotte, N.C. though, not NYC. It was quite an adventure for this middle-class, quasi-sheltered female to be wandering though folks like this in the FLESH!! :nuts:

    It was totally fascinating, though I just can't wrap my head around any wanting a full body suit..... :wtf:
  5. WHat's that girl got poking out of her face all over like that?? What are those round things??? :wtf:
    I don't think I want to see that guy with the bulldog lose any weight...
  6. Very cool pics!!!

    I was in Vegas while a tattoo convention was going on and I saw LOTS of interesting art/piercings.

    Thanks for posting these!!
  7. I love tats, on everyone else. Would never, never get one.
  8. Your welcome Kimm992, there truly fascinating !! :nuts:
  9. Must get new ink soon :nuts:

    Thanks for posting the photos, Prada :supacool: !!!
  10. Those are some beautiful tattoos!!! I love full body art!
  11. Super cool! I love tattoos and would love to have been there!:supacool:
  12. wow those are all very beautiful pics. they are totally addictive. for me anyway.
  13. I would never in a million years get a tattoo after seeing my grandpa's morph from an anchor to a big gray blob with age, but I'm amazed at how detailed the work can be considering that the canvas is living. I can't imagine how steady your hand would have to be. I would love to see the full picture of the last one. The detail on that one is just incredible.
  14. Prada... do you mean I missed out on this event?!?!?!?! :wtf: :mad:

    Actually, I would like one little tattoo at some point!
  15. Hmmmm....