The new white clutch...

  1. That is on the website for 995 (lambskin) is also coming in caviar in a variety of colors for 895. Not too bad. Kinda makes me want to have a reason to go out - too bad it would never see the light of day w/ a 3 month old. I was told its coming in that new purple and the new blue (which I saw in person today in the east/west and they are GORGEOUS)
  2. I've seen the purple but not the blue. Anyone have pictures?
  3. i think hikarupanda picked up a blue one..she has posted pics somewhere...
  4. WAIT!!! The east/west bags are coming in purple AND blue? Are they out in stores yet or will they be coming soon?
  5. The purple and blue east/west bags are at Chanel NYC - 57th St as we speak!!
  6. Thank you! Is the blue bag navy?
  7. Pictures, pictures, please.
  8. no - its a denim blue, not Navy
  9. What kind of purple is it? Sounds intriguing.
  10. I can't describe it, it wasn't dark, but it wasn't light and it wasn't overwhelming - AHHHH
  11. anyone have pics of the clutch - japskivt which website is the clutch on?
  12. I really want a blue one!!
  13. pic plz!!
  14. the clutch is in the posts for fall/winter 2006 in white calfskin - but it comes in caviar in the colors I mentioned... I have no pictures - I saw them at Chanel on 57th St
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