The New Vernis Galet


Jul 29, 2013

I just saw the new vernis color Galet on the LV website and absolutely In LVOE with it. Does that color remind you of the Rose Velours? Or it's just me.
I might get the Alma BB in that color.
I know that it's light vernis color and it might be prone to color transfer. My concern is. Will that leather turn yellow in a few years if I keep it away from sun exposure? Or should I just stay with the darker colors like red(Pomme/Cerise/Indian Rose)?

Thank You


Jan 20, 2008
New England
Sorry, but I do not see a similarity in tone between Galet and RV. Galet is more of a grey shade with beige undertone while RV is more of a pinky, beige color. I personally think RV is a very beautiful shade, but was put off from purchasing it due to the black glazing. Galet is nice, but a little too mature for my liking. My SA showed me the Artsy in this color, and I wasn't hugely impressed. Kinda reminded me of a color my grandma would wear. Just my opinion, though. As for color transfer, any light colored material is prone to it. But as long as you are careful not to wear it with new denim etc., then you should be fine.
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