The new Vanity Case handbag

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  1. Has anyone yet to purchase the vanity case handbag in either beige or black? Really thinking hard about getting it but still can't decide, would love to see some mod shots or hear how anyone is liking it so far. I love the design (even though my fiancé said it looks like a lunch box lol). One thing holding me back is the fact that it doesn't seem like it can be worn cross body. Love to hear opinions!

  2. There are pictures of several sizes in the AF being modeled by SA's if you'd like to take a look there....
  3. i am interested in the vanity case as well. anyone?
  4. Im waiting for mine to come!
  5. Regarding the strap..i read somewhere that the mini one can be worn crossbody comfortably but medium and large might look a lil too short. I tried e large one crossbody...did seem to sit a little too high
  6. I'm going to look on Sunday at the black medium and the small one in pink/black (or brown?). I've seen the pinky-beige medium in store and wasn't impressed with the color. I don't think the medium can be worn cross-body...should've tried it on when I had the chance!

    Here's what the medium looks like on:
  7. What was the pinky-beige color like in real life? Would you say it's more pink or beige? And how does it compare to the classic Chanel beige?
  8. It was kind of a mixture of pink/peachy tones. I personally like the 'true' beige look of the classic Chanel beige. I know not a great description but I wasn't impressed when I saw it in store...but that's just my taste.

    There's a lot of mod pics on this Instagram account as well:
  9. Ah she's the Angelina Jolie look alike model. Great - now she has the bag we all want too... Yup sounds about right. :P
  10. Thanks for starting this thread OP! I am debating about this bag as well, I've seen a few pics on instagram where it was worn crossbody (blankitinerary and myclosetdiaries) and it looks lovely! Can't decide between this one in nude/pink and the gucci sylvie in white though.. Any thoughts on which bag might be more practical/longevity/etc are appreciated!:smile:

  11. The vanity case is gorgeous and will hold up longer I think because of the caviar leather. The Sylvie is beautiful too and the style I think is more classic than the vanity case. I think it depends on what you want. Personally I like the vanity case
  12. apparently there's only 1 left (beige) in the Chanel boutiques us and the person I was dealing with won't bring it in for me to look at... so here's to hoping there'll be more soon or that I can find one to first look at in a neimans or other dept store. Who wants to purchase a $3800+ bag without seeing if first????? not meeee

  13. What size is thiss?