The new Valet keyring......................

  1. Anyone liking the new valet keyring?
    I have ordered the black with silver hardware, should have it this incoming week! Will post pics!
    Brilliant idea, two rings one for car key one for house keys, on a leather strap but joined in the middle by an LV catch. You just seperate if you have to hand your car key to hotel or garage.
    Made in natural cowhide with gold hardware, black with silver & in Vernis Framboise!
    Check it out on the website!
  2. They have been out for awhile...
  3. I love that style is so functional, great!
  4. Thanks for the pictures LVbabyDoll! But haven't those been out for a while?
  5. yes! I love those! I want the one in Vachetta!
  6. Those look very cute and functional..not quite girly enough for me though. I like super girly bright colored fobs. ( the framboise sounds lovely)
  7. I never saw them before, only now on the UK website, late getting everything LOL. Anyway glad I got one, think it will be very functional, just hope not too long & awkward. I would have actually liked the framboise, none available but the black will be more functional.
    Thanks for the pics LV :smile:
  8. yeah they have been out for some time now, i always wanted one but for $285.00 its nothing special, you can get an entire suhali cles or something like that to hold your keys, or a different keychain... i guess your paying for the convinence of having YOUR other keys with you when you do have to give away your car one for valet!
  9. those are way old.. i love the framboise one but IMO it's overpriced...
  10. Yes i am having second thoughts now about the price I buy on impulse but I suppose I am paying for convenience. I hope I will like it!
    Feel really silly putting up a thread about the NEW when it's so old LOL
  11. Wow...I love, love the vachetta one - the black it's more masculine but beautiful :heart:
  12. I had a Tiffany one similar to that...and it is very functional.
  13. I'm pretty sure they've been on the UK site for a while, but nonetheless they are still cute, now to move out of my parents' and get a car and a house lol
  14. iv been considering getting one for a while.
    i need something to attatch to my bag to stop me loosing my car keys.