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  1. When using a mobile device, you should automatically be directed to the new Mobile Version for tPF.

    Let me know any bugs, wishes or suggestions you have in this thread. :tup:
  2. yes I want to be able to go on the regular site on my phone how can I do that? I am upset I dont like mobile verson of anything (myspace facebook ebay etc) no offense to you vlad! I just like to be able to view it like I would on my pc! The blue is also would bother my eyes after a while also
  3. I agree. I don't like the watered down version, either. I like the full TPF experience!!
  4. I am finding the mobile version highly annoying, how can I disable it?
  5. May we have a "disable mobile" option? I would like to have the full version on my iphone please. Thank you.
  6. I am with everyone here, I am on my personal handheld computer right now and am hating the mobile version.

    Can I disable it and just go back to regular tPF?
  7. Love it! Thanks, Vlad! :smile:
  8. #8 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    That is unfortunate, I am sorry you feel that way.
  9. I post on another forum called honestforum also and I was curious if it was possible to make it similar to their mobile page? the bottom has an option to swap from PC mode to Mobile mode. Also, everythings sorta watered down but pics posted in the thread load up without having to click on a link.
  10. You can now switch back to the normal skin in the Control Panel.
  11. ^^ It's back to normal, thank you!!
  12. Woo Hoo!! Thank you!!!!!
  13. Thank you Vlad! I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.
  14. Hey, I can read TPF on my phone again, thanks! :wlae:
  15. thank you - appreciate the hard work u put in :smile: