The NEW tPF iOS/Android Mobile App

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    The new tPF Mobile app is now available for iPhone (via the iTunes App Store) and Android phones for FREE.

    Please let me know any feedback, questions or suggestions for future versions.


    - A Blackberry version of the app will be available soon.
    - The mobile skin of tPF is no longer available.
    - The profile access permissions are being fixed.
    - Smiles can only be inserted into posts by the shortcode
  2. What's funny is that tpf works on the app but not the site
  3. Thanks a bunch!
  4. but why can't i see my profile yet? are you still working on that?
  5. Mind elaborating?
  6. You can see your profile when you click on your avatar.
  7. Well, I think it's incredibly cool (especially for free) and it's awesome for the first edition. Glad to be part of tPF history on this! No complaints just yet - and I do have the codes memorized for what's important - :biggrin: and :heart:
  8. Love it!!!!
  9. What I meant was that the app worked but the site itself didn't. But I figured out it was just my browser
  10. Oh there's been minor routing issues - I already submitted info to the host to look into it. :tup:
  11. Thanks Vlad! I'm on it on with my iPad. So far so good
  12. is there quote notification? or is it under PMs?
  13. Not implemented yet, will come in the next version!
  14. awesome!
  15. and i clicked on my avatar and it still didn't work?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.