The New, The Laugh and The Nerve.

  1. This is my first post and I want to say hi to everyone. I have a small coach collection and only recently made the first full retail purchase on 2.13.08. Actually the hubby did for me as a Valentine's Day present. :nuts:

    The New.
    I have been eyeing the Madeline bag since it first came out. I loved it even more that there was a medium sized one at Macy's. I held out and held out. Until 2.13, I was treated to a shopping spree and the first store I darted to was Coach. I looked around, tried on a couple of bags as my hubby and stepson were patiently waiting among other men paying and shopping for a VD presents. One poor soul on a phone responded back regarding a Coach keyfob," 38$ that can't be right" LOL. I digress. On the top self by the front of the store was the Heritage Stripe Zip Satchel. I asked the hubby to get it down and I paraded this arm candy around the store to get a feel for it. I love the shape, though it looks like a mailbox or pet carrier, I am a sucker for satchels. Long story short, it came home with me, wrapped boxed and ribboned.

    The Laugh.
    I finally took The New out on 2.15. Played with it and smiled at it. The husband thought it was cute. I was happy. He was happy. Rewind to late 2007, my mom got me a coach bag. She got it from a friend as a gift when she came back from China. My mom's disclaimer was " I am not sure if it is real". When I first saw it, it was passable for real. It was this patchwork shoulder bag that I was not familiar with because patchwork is not my style. Once l looked inside the lining, I sensed it was fake. I accepted the bag out of respect and it sat in the apartment till now. I took it out again and compared it to the New bag. I read the decree from the real bag as my husband followed the decree in the fake bag. Everything was spelled correctly until I got to the word "enduring". He asked "Where do you read ENDURING"? I looked at the fake decree and sure enough, it read "ENOURING". Sigh, we laughed at the irony after reading the decree.

    The Nerve.
    I was in Chinatown NYC with the New bag in arm shopping for a new toy for my stepson. As we were reached the sidewalk of a busy crowded corner, I was approached by a Chinese man. Thinking he was going to hand me a flyer about learning English or Cell Phone deals, he flashed a card hip side and whispered from what I recalled "something something and a dollar amount". The reason I don't remember what he said is because I was focused on what was on the card. On the card, no bigger that a playing card, were multiple pictures of designer bags. Coach and LV were
    all I saw, as all this happened within 3 seconds. I waved him off with disinterest and kept walking. The Nerve!

    I have an assumption what the process would be if I said ok to buy/see the fake bags. It would probably lead to another story of someone who almost caught in a raid if anyone wants to hear.

    Nice meet everyone. Thanks for reading.
  2. I am new here myself but welcome to the forum (even though u joined earlier than me but since this is your first post)! :balloon::flowers: Hope to see more posts from you! I have read/heard a couple of stories about people going to buy fake designer bags in some slump area of Chinatown, I am always amazed that there are people willing to buy fake bags. From what I hear...just the process of being lead to some dark room full of fake bags is distaseful!
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