The new style THE SLIM is in at BNY in Giant Gold only

  1. I hope someone in NYC can get over there and give us a report. :yes:
  2. Me, too!
  3. me.. 3, too! & colours...
  4. make that 4!
  5. Waiting :sleepy:
  6. :hrmm::popcorn:
  7. who's gonna go head that way tomorrow?

    can't wait for a report.
  8. :beach: still waiting:sweatdrop:
  9. hershilifers on long island has the slim in magenta with ggh and black with ggh...the bag is great! the size is the size of a day bag streched out (when it's not slouchy)
  10. I am so excited to see it..smuggle out pix for us..does it close at the top?
  11. I'm going to Americana Manhasset later today. I didn't know Hirshleifer's sold Balenciaga. Barney's did but that store closed some time ago. I'll definitely stop in and see what's available today. I just bought a pale magenta GSH City at NM so I'm going to have to restrain myself.
  12. that sounds amazing!!! i just wish it came with RH too.
  13. the slim style doesn't close on top...i tried to get pics but the SA's there are on top of you the second you walk into the store
  14. Did you catch the price? Do they frown on taking pictures? Oh, wait, they frown anyway, don't they!:roflmfao:
  15. i think the price was 1395...something around there