The new SS 07 red

  1. I'm confused, does it come in red caviar in the east west style? Also, where (Saks, Neiman's, Boutique?) ? I searched the other thread on it but am still confused.
  2. there's an east west red perforated bag at Saks...its $1580 approximately
    about 10-11 inches long but not real high, and fits alot because the leather is so soft, it stretches
    the color is a tomato-ey red, not a fire engine or candy apple true red...its beautiful
  3. YEP-Ive seen it..Its more of a tomato color IRL
  4. I don't know for sure either. They did make it in the east/west style, but I don't know which stores ordered it. If it's not listed in the forum somewhere you probably should start calling around.
  5. Have you tried calling the Chanel 800 number ?