The New 'Slimming' Lipgloss

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    A new £10 lipgloss claims it will not only make your lips shiny, but could help you lose weight at the same time.

    The Fuze Slenderize gloss contains a number of ingredients that help to speed up metabolism, cut the appetite and boost energy levels. One of these is SuperCitrimax, which is often found in diet drinks, and is believed to help curb your appetite.

    The gloss is made by American beauty brand Too Faced, in conjunction with diet drink company Fuze. It is available in three flavours - blueberry and raspberry, strawberry and melon, and dragon fruit and lime - and is currently exclusive to cosmetics site Sephora.
    A spokesman for Too Faced commented, 'With a single swipe of the tube, Fuze Slenderize provides a pretty, plump pout with an added bonus of healthy, energy-boosting, appetite curbing ingredients.'

    Tuesday 29 January 2008
  2. Joey New York has been making something similar for a while now... there's the slimming one, but also a "quit smoking" one and another... I can't remember what it does - hang on, I'll check!
  3. Oh yeah - it's a "man-attracting" one! LOL

    They're called the Joey New York Nix range. The Fuze ones you've posted look much nicer though!
  4. I have this lipgloss - one of my faves for how it looks & smells.
    It does NOT curb appetite though - how I wish it did!!!
  5. We need one for hips and thighs!!!! Slimming stuff!
  6. sounds wonderful in theory
  7. Ahaha, if only all the weight problems in the world could be cured with a lip gloss. One of my friends has it, not true to its word. But it smells great!
  8. Yeah, how about next they make a scent that you can spray on your tummy and *PooF* love handles and spare tires with magically disappear day!
  9. They sold an "appetite-suppressing" lip gloss at Ulta like 5 years ago. It was pink and it came in a funky shaped tube. It tasted just like maple syrup, which made me crave pancakes whenever I wore it :push:
  10. ^ LOl that's a bit counter-intuitive! I'll tell you girls what always curbs my apetite - Du Wop LIP VENOM. It has this weird capsicumy-salsa-pepper smell to it and it makes me ill. I can't wear lip venom any more because of it. It makes me feel like I have gorged on a huge bowl of nachos every time I wear it and I can taste it all day. Even when I'm not wearing it, I can conjure up the smell :throwup:
  11. I fail to understand how something applied to the lips can help one lose weight :confused1:

    Maybe it works if you ate it? Then again I don't usually consume my lipglosses :biggrin:
  12. ^^i think it works the same as the kinoki foot pads :smile:
  13. ^
    Yep, if you eat nothing but lipgloss, I'm sure you'll loose weight!