The New SK by Motorola

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  1. I personally have always liked the SK but this one is:tup: and cannot wait to have this baby on my hand!!! :yahoo:

    What do you think?


  2. Ohh I like that. I love TMobile's phones, but can't have one because their coverage is horrible where I live. But I have thought of comprising my coverage quality to have one haha. After much going back and fourth I went ahead and got the Motorola MotoQ 9M. It's going to be here Monday and i'm so excited!!
  3. Uh...the SK4 doesn't support 3G nor sd cards larger than 2gb?? Sure this wasn't supposed to be released 2 years ago??
  4. Ugh, I am completely bitter at this moment. I finally break down and get a new phone and then this one I like a billion times more comes out in a month!! I wonder if I could return it and just wait it out for the Voyager? I had never seen that thing. :push:
  5. I have been eyeing the AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser). It is finally out but this baby has a GPS which I don't have in my car. I was going back and forth between that and the iPhone. Two different types of phones but I have to see what kind of tampering AT&T has done. A unlocked version by HTC is a pretty penny.

  6. Did you recently (In the past 30 days)purchase your new phone?,you can return it with everything,and get your money back. Verizons worry free guarentee!, im just pretty psyched that its comming out im tired of my old "V"..Its beaten up with nail polish all over,its a mess,but I love it though :heart:
  7. Cute...but I don't know if it can top my Treo...
  8. Yep, I just ordered it online and it's supposed to get here tomorrow. I have the old V as well and am going completely crazy because my inside screen just busted. There is a huge black hole now and have to use the tiny front screen. So I have basically tossed texting out the door for the time being and am lost without the calculator function. I'm just not sure I can use my junk of a phone until Nov. 18th. Oh, but I just had a thought. Can I use the new MotoQ I purchased for like, umm 29 days, and then buy the new Voyager? That could work :graucho:
  9. Oooo!!!! I LOVE the look of that!
  10. I can't wait for it!
  11. They've probably already figured out a way to unlock it. Once you unlock, then you can flash any ROM you want on it. I unlocked K's old phone (the MDA...the Kaiser's grandfather ;) ) and flashed a cooked WM6 ROM with HTC touchFlo (Think iPhone touch interface) and a bunch of other 3rd party apps.

    Right now, the Kaiser's only 300 bucks (with rebate). I'm very tempted.
  12. I thought I read on another web that it hold up to 4gb? Maybe? or was it the SK LX?.

    I really does not matter, I just like the look of it. Also I like the new LX version


    OK- My bad I gave wrong info.

    The SK LX is the New SK IV which is ^^.

    THe purple with black (first pic on top) is the SK Slide - realease date 11/7/07
    The only bad thing about this one is that it will not hold memory and the LX will :sad:
  13. wow between the new sidekick LX and the voyager, would it be retarded to have both?! i need a new SK so badly i can't wait.
  14. I just don't get the SK love. It's a dated device in technology and in looks/form factor. There are much "cooler" phones out there. The ONLY thing that's great about it is its IM software. 1.3 mp cam (there are phones with 5 mp now. 3 mp is standard), 2gb max memory expansion (most phones go up to 32gb), EDGE (most new phones have 3G or even 3.5G), and it's locked completely to the Danger (ie T-Mo) servers and 3rd party apps are almost non existant. I'd take an iPhone over the SK any day...and you know my disdain for Apple! ;)