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  1. Thanks Vlad, girls we're MOVE to new house again! LOL :p

    Morning everyone, on the way to office now.
    Have a nice day and waiting for Jenny reveals!!! See ya this evening! :biggrin:
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    So fast, we've another new thread liew, haha...

    Gd Morn LuvTare!

    P.S Thanks Vlad. :smile:
  3. Woot...I am the 3rd to post in this RENEW club. Heh heh.... :p
  4. Oh my, we moved house again :lol:.

    CB, you are going to get something from the Cruise line?
  5. Hi Jenny! Yes, I saw the new colours, Acajou and Cognac, in your pics. But they are featured in the Lunar design. I am keen to see how the new colours will appear in the Mahina L/XS sizes in the old designs. Thus, if you have those pics, I would absolutely love to see them. Many thanks!
  6. Hi Ladies...

    i know i've been MIA for sometime since my 1st dd fell ill with sort of stomach flu on national day. 5 days later the virus hit me. Thought i was ok a day later, went to JB with fmly then unfortunately my poor DH and 2nd DD were hit by the virus too whilst we were there shopping.
    Another week of everyone sick and now we are better..:noworry:
  7. Isn't it nice to always have a fresh start :lol:

    I am liking something from the Cruise line. Whether I get, not sure...have to see everything IRL :p. Why you ask? I thought you have given up hopes on the cruise? You aiming for something too?:graucho:

  8. Lol...winnie...don't tell me you are planning for 3 mahinas :faint:

  9. Welcome back from hell :p...

    Good to know you are ok now.
  10. Oh no. That was horrible. Well, good to know that the ordeal is over and everyone is okay now :yes:. I think the flu bug is flying around. My mom has been hit by it as well and she is still coughing.

    Fresh start is always good but I didn't expect that we had to move house so quick. Hahaha ...

    LOL ... I am not getting anymore LV bag for this year. Maybe only the SLGs and accessories. I have non-LV things in my mind right now :p.

    Why not? You have more than 3 Speedys right ? :p
  11. Ha will be quick because you all post 1, CB will post x 4. Lol...and then hor, we never add in LVBL when she is in :p

    Haizz... I forgot your evil bunny wish!!! Erhhh non-lv stuff -- Hermes again :nuts: say lei say lei.

    Anyway -- I need to answer your why not Q -- because my 3 speedy will add up to 1 mahina or maximum 2 and all different design. We are talking about 3 mahinas lei :nuts:...:lol:

    Oooo I also added a non-lv bag to my wishlist -- Something Chanel. heh heh

  12. Wow. Is that a new record for us to get a new thread again?

    princessqaisara, I hope everything is fine now.
  13. Hi Princess, glad you're back & better now. We missed you.

    :drinkup: Cheers to our new home.
  14. LOL ... You know that my addiction is only to LV and Hermes :p. So, if not LV then Hermes already loh.

    Well, you have more than 1 bag of the same design mah. LOL ... In this case, Winnie is considering to own 3 Mahina in different colors. Value is not considered in this case. Hehehe ...

    Oooo, something Chanel? What is it?
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