The NEW SilkyPop Bag

  1. As mentioned by HG a couple of days ago .... it's now available on (UK)

    Here are some pictures.

    Leather: Buffle Skipper
    Price: GBP540

    You never know when you need an extra carrier.
    Silky Pop Bag in Brown Buffle Skipper.jpg Silky Pop Bag in Brown Buffle Skipper 2.jpg Silky Pop Bag in Brown Buffle Skipper 3.jpg Silky Pop Bag in Brown Buffle Skipper 4.jpg
  2. Wait... so this bag closes into a small leather accessory? I don't know if it's the way its being modeled, but it looks like an apron :shrugs: Not feeling it personally...
  3. The bag is actually made of silk/scarf and when not in use, it is folded and zipped up like a zipped agenda. When you need to use it to carry things, unzip and pull out the silk. The leather zipper part becomes the base of the bag.
  4. To me, it looks as if it opens up into a makeshift Picotin. It could come in handy but I really don't think I would ever use it. Just one more thing to make my bag a bit heavier.
  5. I love this!

  6. I wonder if you keep it zipped up if it would always be very wrinkled (the silk, I mean). Maybe it would need to be stored open or folded in a special way?
  7. Check the website, AuthenticLux. There is an animated part that shows how the silk is being folded and stored, And yes, it will surely have creases.
  8. It's cute, but for me, so impractical. I really don't think I'd ever use something like this.
  9. The design is lovely, as all H scarves are, but I'd be afraid of really using this bag since I'd wonder how much weight the scarf can actually take, even if the base is leather.
  10. I saw it advertised (in a feature about environmentally-friendly shopping bags) as something that you can use as a shopper at the market...instead of always getting plastic or paper bags...sorta H's answer to the anya hindmarch "i'm not plastic" bag...:tup:
  11. It's definitely not heavy duty. And I would not envision myself using it for groceries either. But possibly some light apparel shopping or carrying my morning newspaper (with it wrapped in plastic first of course)
  12. I agree with this. I think this would work for a small wallet, phone, and sunglasses. It just seems like such a fun way to add some scarf color without wearing a scarf.
  13. Me too. I love the colors.
  14. I have a bag in similar design.. but i think its cute and very fashionable.. and as you mentioned mrssparkles.. it can be used for newspaper and few items..

    actually when i was in uk/paris.. i used to take the one i have (not hermes) with me every morning for my morning run.. and on my way back to apartment..i would stop for magazines, newspapers, fresh bread..etc.. so such bag comes in handy!!

    love the last one..gorgeous!!