The New shopper bag?

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  1. they just released this style on the runway and now is available for pre-order..
    that reminds me the IKEA bag, lol.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Too funny! Even IKEA colors! :lol:
  3. Not for me!
  4. So true !! :biggrin:
  5. Haha, the resemblance is uncanny! IKEA are apparently redesigning their bags right now to look more contemporary, so if you want that nostalgic IKEA look for I dunno, a 1000% price increase, this Bal is probably for you. :P
  6. Yeah .. when I go to the grocery store, etc. - I dress just like this :lol::giggle::panic:!!!! .. and the name is 'close' right?!?! .. Bazar (I would say BIZARRE)!!!!
    Bal - Bazar Shopper.jpg
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  7. I absolutely love the stripe ones, but the price is way out of my league so i'm currently looking for a vinyl retro shopper!!

    This is the photo that got me hooked
    View attachment 3459291
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  8. IMG_1473093291.109103.jpg
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  9. They look like plastic beach bags... count me out!
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  10. Honest to god, when we were in Italy, we would always pick up a few of these as our "grocery" bags; they also kind of remind me of the shopping bags you get at Ikea .. NOT attractive in my opinion!
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  11. I have one from Bloomingdale's, use it for carrying my wet slippers and swim suit on pool days, it doesn't leak and is perfect for the car

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  12. Awful imo.
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  13. The price is insane, but they look cute. If it were cheaper and not made of leather, I would use it for the beach or weekends.
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  14. Actually I have tried them in store...gun to my head, i will go for the weekender in 2nd-hand market, probably i could get 2 for the same price
    I was excited to see a new design, but i guess a sensational hit is not easy to create......
  15. Lol even if you gave it to me for free I wouldn't use it. I'd be like no thanks save it for someone else. These look like reusable grocery bags and I'll be honest some of them look better.

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