The New Sephora "Summer" Blockbuster Palette

  1. Were any of you like me and you missed out on the awesome blockbuster palette that Sephora offered this past Christmas? Sephora has released another blockbuster palette just in time for Mother's Day and it's really cool. Has anyone picked one of these up before it is gone like the last one?
    Mine just arrived today and it's really cool.
  2. i would like to get one but dont know if i'll use all the colors...i missed out on the last one though. i might jsut have to buy itn ow.
  3. Just ordered mine, Thanks!
  4. Is the eyeshadow good quality?
  5. pic?
  6. I don't need anymore make up, but it is totally drool worthy.:drool:
  7. What a great kit!!! Makes me want to wear makeup more often AND buying it LOL
  8. I thought it was pretty cool. The eye shadows are the same quality as the sephora line that is in the store. If you are a fan of Sephora brand, you'll like this.
  9. i actually prefered the one they sold during christmas, it had more makeup than this version.
  10. from what i've read on good.
  11. Thanks for starting this thread, I have been wanting to check it out at Sephora. It looks so nice in the catalog but after reading the reviews at makeupalley i'll pass. Totally forgot to look it up on MUA :smash: