the new seafoam vert d'eau (water green) poll!!!


best style for this lovely new 07 seafoamish color???

  1. box

  2. first

  3. city

  4. twiggy

  5. part time

  6. work

  7. weekender

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. so it is official!! :yes:

    now.... in which style do you think this beautiful color will look its best???

    please feel free to vote for any styles that i have not mentioned.. there are so many!!
  2. I love the work size.
  3. Omg, you and I have the SAME dilemna!! :roflmfao: I want the new "seafoam" but can't decide on the style!! :nuts:
  4. ahh. so i am not the only one.. cant figure it out.... sometimes i think these colors look best on small bags.. i keep thing,, city, twiggy, city , twiggy... i actually saw a woman today with a seafoam twiggy... it was so great... but i do love my big bags....
  5. I say Day! have been looking for one in the day style, but don't quite love any of this season's colors... love Ink but the leather tends to be too crackled!
  6. i would like it in the box or obsessed with the box though...even tho i know most dont share this obsession lol....ya know what tho....the day would look stunning it as well...
  7. Courier!!!
  8. Im stuck between Twiggy and City!
    I also voted on the Weekender, but it would be too large on me.
  9. The City for me...with accessories to match! I need them to come out with checkbook covers!
  10. I'm also torn between City and Twiggy... both would be tdf!
  11. I voted Part Time...I think its a great style!
  12. Definitely City for me.:jammin:
  13. Meee too! I want this color but can't decide between a city or first. I should get it in a city because the city is a more practical bag for me and I use them the most, but I love the first so much more. :shrugs:
  14. I love that colour i'm getting that in the first
  15. Box won't be a choice, will it?