The new sac 16 besace

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  1. I have been waiting for the large(r) besace 16 to release ever since it first appeared on SS19 show and it's now finally here!

    I find it so comfortable to wear and functional. The compartments are well considered (there's an open pocket in the front that can fit an iPhone X and a inside zippered pocket). The satinated calfskin is also gorgeous (perhaps smoother and glossier than the classic box) but I can't really compare it with recent box bags because my classic box is almost a decade old

    I do wish the strap were longer so I can wear it crossbody below my hips but I think the shorter length is ok with today's trends for bags that sit higher on the waist...

    Anyways, it’s my favorite piece under Hedi so far
    92372752-5D70-4BAC-AF50-D3BC8BCC97BC.jpeg A5FBE7CC-4FDF-44B7-90DC-4A8CDD7F85C7.jpeg
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  2. Really understated and beautiful. Gorgeous bag!
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  3. Thanks!
  4. This bag is gorgeous. Can you do mod shots? I would like to see how it looks on. Thanks!
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  5. Oh wow! This is a great looking bag. Congrats and enjoy!!
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