The New Reversible Striped Hangtag Tote at outlet, Can you help?

  1. A few pages ago, someone sent a pic in of a bag on eBay that had hangtags all over it and we all thought it was fake. It turns out that the outlet in Florida is putting out a reversable tote in brown, pink, and cream with the hangtags being like the C's with a lighter backround, a strip like our favorite reversible and a colored lining. My friend who works at the outlet says they are adorable and come in three sizes. I think it is the only outlet to carry them. The medium is only about $228.00. I am trying to find the picture of the fake that someone says was on eBay to look at it. It is not a fake. Can someone direct me to that picture? Thanks!!!
  2. hmmm, I'm interested to see what this looks like!
  3. I saw that bag yesturday when I was looking through eBay. I thought it looked interesting.

    I tried looking for the auction link, but now I can't find it.

    Hope someone here can help ya!!!
  4. I checked the outlet again and it seems the picture on this site is not real and not what I am referring to. The outlet here in Florida is getting just a test week of the reversible popular stiped tote number 11098 in a small , medium and large with the stripe to match the pattern in the same color and the straps are leather coordinating color, not the patent. The brown will have brown coach hangtags with white coach lettering I believe. and a darker but lighter than the tag jacquard background and brown straps, The pink will have pink straps and pink and white hangtags as a pattern instead of C's and the lining will be colored. I think that I am going to check it out and see if is too young for me or a good everyday cute tote like the brown reversible. Will let you guys know. :tup:

    here's another one

    But this isn't the one that I saw earlier, I still can't find it ebay, maybe it sold aready.

    The one I saw had a pink stripe and the coach lozenge. But the lozenge was at a slant/diagonal. The bag itself was a beige, kahki color. The print wad kind of like the carly that came out with the lozenge print, but at an angle.
  6. Hi. I believe it was made for the department stores.
  7. I remember seeing that bag at Dillards.
  8. I would love to know what the bag the OP is talking about is, but I saw this bag in Dillards about 6 months ago(maybe longer) its SUPER cute, and I still kick myself for not buying it:s. I hope the outlets do end up getting it! I would be sooo happy!
  9. I saw one at Parisian and loved it. It was shaped like style #10125 and had a slate blue stripe. The rest of the bag was the ivory canvas but there was a large Coach printed on the bag. The leather was blue also. Very pretty!
  10. I saw a TON of those at the waterloo outlet today they were just putting them out. So cute!

    haha I didn't think anything of it but reading you guys wanting one I now want one too...
  11. ^^^^ That's the one that I saw a few days ago and thought looked rather interesting.
  12. I saw it yesterday..I was not that impressed at the outlet. But, thank you for answering!!!