The new *redesigned* stam

  1. 00450m.jpg 00380m.jpg
  2. Looks tacky. I know he's trying to be creative but triangular quilting??? Looks like plastic. :yucky:
  3. :sad: I agree..He should have left well enough alone..The other style is way more classy..:heart: Emmy
  4. I love the Stam, but I hate how he's redesigning this! Ergh!
  5. Oh, i actually dont mind this at all....its interesting.
  6. I actually like the redesign. These bags look much less bulky than the original Stam.
  7. I like the original way best but I don't mind the updated version so much.
  8. I actually like it. :smile:
  9. it's a much more modern approach... i like it. the handles on that cream one look a lot more functional and comfortable than the rolled ones.
  10. I like it too!
  11. I dont mind the updates. I think the design is nice and I actually like the triangle quilting... I just dont like the leathers. Metallic snake? Umm - what happens in vegas stays in vegas right? The bone color is ok. MJ just has such beautiful materials you know there are better choices - maybe they will put more colors out in stores.
  12. agree...very interesting
  13. It looks lighter than the original, but not as original IMO
  14. I love it
  15. I am undecided! I think the original was wayyy better! The first one looks ok, but the second one looks tacky!
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