The New PS1 Tote!

  1. I haven't had the opportunity to see this bag in person, is there anyway you could describe what "kind" of red it is? :p Meaning, is it a true fire engine red or does it look pink or orange-y red in person?? I initially bought a persimmon PS1 last season and returned it b/c it was more of a blood orange red. If I'm buying a red bag I like it to be "primary color RED," ha!! Thanks for any input!
  2. it was a true fire engine red...the pics i posted are true to color
  3. Saw these at Barney's today and the long strap definitely fits cross body. I love the dual shoulder handles so much more than the single handle of the regular ps1's. definitely going on my wish list!!
  4. i just got my ps1 tote in orchid...i love the color...just wondering if anyone has one and has carried it the handles get in the way? they don't seem to lay properly
  5. Oooo! Do you have pictures of your orchid beauty? :p
  6. Love this style in neon coral - are there any modeling pics of this bag?
  7. I think this tote is amazing, especially in having the longer strap... beautiful and practical!!! It is definitely on my wish list, although somewhat down the line since totes aren't my favourite type of bag :p
  8. This bag looks like a great option. I'm interested in this or the PS1 Keep All (probably small). I'm thinking about something my laptop would fit in. I love that this has a cross body and shoulder strap option. Does it sit? Any modeling pictures? My other issue is cost compared to the Keep All. This shape of this reminds me of a Bal Velo, which I was interested in/stalking but think it's a little too biker for me and I have quality concerns as well. I have now a Givenchy Pandora, which I super love because the crossbody/shoulder strap option is so totally functional.
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    I just got my own navy tote. I LUUUV it! Early birthday present to myself.
  10. Congrats and enjoy this beauty.
  11. Will do! Im looking at a Ps1 pochette now.