The new Plum color

  1. Would this be a light plum to purple or maybe dark enough to be brownish. OPI has the new Russian colors out and they a plum that is almost blackish. I would love a plum bag is this color.
  2. I think plum is great in a deep rich color that would look great in suede or leather. I think the new line has every color under the sun and plum is one of them.
  3. I have seen the new plum in person and it is a dark rich brownish purple, very neutral in my opinion. I thought it was a dark brown at first. I was expecting it to be more of a purple, but it is very rich and nice looking. I think it is beautiful! Hope that helps.
  4. I haven't seen any plum bags, but that OPI color that you are talking about is amaaazing. I hate nail polish but I can't stop wearing it!

    Okay, totally off topic, I know.
  5. I love love love the new OPI collection. I could find a reason to have a bag in a few of those colors.
  6. I can't wait to see a plum bag IRL.
  7. I just saw the plum last night in person, and didn't actually notice it until I was exiting the store - it is a very dark brownish-purple, which I thought at first was dark brown. It is very pretty, but I expected it to be more of a purple color in person.
  8. I agree with Mokie and Mazie May, it's definitely in the brownish-purple category. Along the lines of eggplant, in poor lighting it could definitely be mistaken for a rich brown, not blackish but brownish.
  9. i would love to see a picture of it.