The New Pleatys in Real Life

  1. Yesterday I saw the new LV Monogram Premium Pleatys in real life, and I’m glad I waited to decide whether I like them or not. They aren’t due to be officially released until next week, but they had some display models in the store and were accepting pre-orders.

    They are actually very nice bags, but they are gi-freakin'-normous. The XXL size was big enough to be a carryon, and even the GM was big enough to be a gym bag. You could easily fit a pair of sneakers in there, with room left over. It’s too bad, because they are both hand-held bags, but they are really much too big to be comfortable carrying that way, especially as everyday bags. The only one that was about the right size for me was the Pleaty Shoulder Bag, but the strap is too short to be comfortable as a shoulder bag (for me; probably fine for small girls), and too long to be a good hand-held option. The Pleaty clutch was very cute, but too small to be useful for anything other than a going-on-a-date bag.

    That said, these are very nicely-made bags, and the style is classy and elegant. The handles are wide, sort of softly-folded vachetta (not rolled like the Speedy, not flat like the Tulum), which I think would be quite comfortable. They are lined in lovely tan microsuede. The GM model, which I liked the best, had snaps at the top inside corners, so the side pleats can be opened if you need extra room. It also has two interior pockets, one with a flap. I’m glad LV is finally getting the hint about inside pockets! Still, it’s so wide that I’d constantly be bumping it into things if I carried it by hand. The new pointier-shaped pushlock closures are also very nice, still substantial like the original Marc Jacobs pushlocks, but a little more feminine.

    Oh - I saw some of the new Epi pieces, in the new ivory color. I still haven’t fallen in love with Epi leather, but the ivory would be a really pretty color for summer. The bag on the top of the display case was the new Bowling Montaigne GM (which has the new pushlock), and again - it was pretty freakin’ huge. I don’t remember seeing the PM version, but that one might be a more normal size.

    On the not-impressive side, I also saw some of the new Dentelle (lace) pieces, and they don’t blow my skirt up at all. Maybe they will grow on me, maybe not. I truly did not like the Riveting bag, either.
  2. arent the pleatys cute IRL?? My mom reserved the smallest one (the pochette beverly)
  3. thanks for the review!
  4. Thanks for the heads up !
  5. Thank you for the info.
  6. Good review. thanks!!
  7. I have not seen a pleaty in real life, but now I want to! Thank you for the notes.
  8. Thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks! The shoulder bag is my latest obsession and the clutch looks cute too. Can't wait till someone gets them and gives us modelling pics. :yes:
  10. i think i love white epi, which is not a good thing for me. lol.
  11. They're cute but I wish the straps on the larger one were longer. Besides that, the push locks were kind of a pain to get into.
  12. I agree with you about the straps. That bag is so big (if you fill it up, it would be heavy) that it would be great to have the option of carrying it on your shoulder. I also noticed that the pushlocks were a little stiff. Maybe they would loosen up a little after a bit of use?
  13. Thanks for the info!
  14. hmmmm.i would like to see pix!
  15. I can't wait to see them in person now. Thanks so much for the descriptions of the Beverlys!