the new pink "rose drageé" and general update

  1. just got off the phone with my manager and the new pink is really called "rose drageé" and indeed a pale pink but not as pale as babyrosé it is light but with blueish undertones while babyrosé is pale with white-yellowish undertones. it only comes in swift leather and the first items are most probably due to arrive late this year (paris still considering to use it on other bags than kellys birkins or kelly longues or not) lookes best paired with palladium gold would clash
    furthermore i have been told rouge vif was not offered this time as they are indroducing the rouge garance but it is not discontinued either.
    rouge H will also stay as it is their staple. :flowers:
  2. thanks for the report, how exciting about the new rose dragee color.
    Also happy to hear confirmation that rouge vif is not discontinued...:heart:
  3. Me too! Rouge VIF is my favourite red :love:

    Thanks lots for the update Lilach :flowers:
  4. yes definately is not discontinued they just want it to rest abit to promote the new rouge garance. my manager told me they expect rouge vif to be offered again next july as it is still a well selling colour.
    same applies for cyclamen btw. it was not that popular and rthey give it a rest to promote rose shocking and rose drageè both colours btw indroduced due to the enormous succes of fuschia! (they never expected that and a wave will be coming kou do you hear me )
    then more info also about the croc /alligator skins. apparently it is getting better and the cause of the problems have been the tsunamis and katrina as they explained me. also their has been a problem with the dye on the red crocs and they had to sort out a lot of skins due to uneven colour.
    ah and paris whispers that they are going to indrodce the long missed vert jasmin next feb. :wlae: same rumours that i got passed by in the other thread about a new pink weeks ago ( so if we are lucky these turn out to be true too
    ah and rouge h is no way beeing discontinued it is in fact their best selling red
  5. Ooh - thanks Lilach! Glad to hear cyclamen may re-enter the podium in the future!
  6. Thanks Lilach. It's good to hear that Rouge Vif and H are still there. I love both colours.
  7. I'm hopefully going to visit your manager later today lilach :yahoo:

    I just saw a new twilly in black/red on the Hermes website that I fell in love this and hope to get out of the office early enough to stop at the boutique which is only about 5 minutes from here.
  8. Thank you Lilach for the update! Do you know if they will try to do Rose Dragee in other leather (like OSTRICH!!!) in the future? Also, does this mean they should be getting in more croc and alligator skins? So the RED crocs (not fuchsia or anything) are the ones with dye issues?

    Last but not least, what shade of green is Vert Jasmin?:flowers:
  9. ahh you goo fab the manager won´t be in today but talk to madam burmanial she is a sweetheat has good knowledge and is fab.
    are you lookin for a kelly too?
  10. oh i hope so but most definately yes they will. usually they first put the colour out on one or two leathers and if it is appreciated then others will follow (of course only these hermès thinks it will look good on)
    yes they are expecting more croc to arrive in the nearest future and as far as i was told only the reds have been affected
    oh vert jasmin is a loooovely shade of green very yellowish but surprisingly good lockin it is a very old colour
  11. OMG Lilach! If they do make Rose Dragee in ostrich, that means I'm going to have at least 4 more bags added to my list :yahoo: :nuts: Ok Kou ... MUST.SAVE.FOR.A.HOUSE~~:noggin:

    I'm really curious about Vert Jasmin now. But if it's yellowish, it probably won't look good on my skin tone. Kind of like how Blue Jean in clemence, togo, epsom, and box calf all look blah on me - only Blue Jean Ostrich and Blue Jean Croc looks good on me.
  12. usually i hate evrything with real yellowish undertones vermillion never works on me but vert jasmin is really special very light like pastel very hard to describe but that i s a shade that surprisingly works on me but as i said still only rumours.

    ah according to my manger rose drageè would look horrible with gold only palladium is working and furthermore to him that is NOT a matter of preferance but simply a matter of having taste :lol:
  13. Lilach - thanks for the wonderful report! So nice that those who are dying for a non-exotic pink bag will finally get their chance!
    I predict that they will never get rid of Rouge H... :smile:
  14. He is so funny!!! Yeah, I am envisioning the Rose Dragee in Palladian as well, especially if it has a slight blue undertone to it. Oh, did your manager say what type of accessories or bags he is going to get in Rose Dragee? I am so curious about this Vert Jasmin now ...
  15. I'm not looking for a Kelly yet but I'll probably start at the end of the year...when my funds have recovered from my latest shopping sprees:smile: .