The new Pear color

  1. I love the Pear color on the Canvas Carly, Soho Minny Skinny and Wristlet. Its so gorgeous! Does anyone know if there are/will be any more items in this color? I searched "pear" and "green" on and nothing came up. Thanks ladies!
  2. I actually have had the pear hobo ($198) for about a week now. I ordered it a week and a half ago. I love the pear leather and have had a ton of compliments on it. It is gorgeous!:yes:
  3. ooh pear sounds nice. can anyone post a pic of this colour?
  4. I saw a pear colored wallet at the outlet today.
  5. The hobo comes in pear?? Wow! Do you happen to have the item number or is it on the website? I love the pear leather but don't really want a flap bag and the penelope one is a bit too pricey for me right now. Can you post pics? Thanks!
  6. The Penelope comes in Pear? Its not coming up on the website.

    Well, I called it the penelope but I guess it's actually the satchel. Anyway, I think it's gorgeous but almost $500. I can't do that for a bag I won't carry that much.
  8. Its awesome, but I know what you mean. I don't know if I would get to carry it much either.
  9. The item number for my hobo according to my receipt is 10574. The picture is with my solid perfume hanging on it.

    I have honestly looked at small hobos forever, but thought I would never get enough stuff in them, but I can get a ton of stuff in it. I love it.
  10. The pear is too cute, its a refreshing color!!!! I think the canvas Carly with pear is to die for!
  11. oh no ..the file is too big...still working on it. Sorry...
  12. OH, OK! It doesn't show pear on though! But I can handle $198 alot easier for a pear bag than the satchel for $458! Looking forward to your pic! Thanks so much!!
  13. I think I got it now....:shrugs:
  14. When I ordered it, my SA wasn't even sure they made a hobo in the pear, but somehow she did some magic and ended up finding the number for it. She said it wasn't supposed to be available to order until April. Plus she overnighted it to me so I had the next day! :yes:
  15. Yes, you did it!! It's gorgeous! I've got to add that to my wishlist now! I really wanted this color but wasn't prepared to pay too much for it. This is a great looking bag! And I love your perfume charm attached to it! Very nice!! Thanks for taking the time to post this pic!