The New Paddy Colors: silver, camel and white

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  1. Ok, as you all know my SA from NM called me because she just got a shipment of the new paddies. So of course I rushed right over there to check them out especially since the new camel was supposed to be a different version of whiskey.

    silver (with silver hardware): This is by far one of the most gorgeous colors I have ever seen Chloe produce. Seriously, it was out of this world. It is a very subtle silver with a slight gold undertone, very slight. It is not tin foily, or overpowering at all. In fact, ladies, I think it is the prettiest mettalic that Chloe has ever made. I am totally in love with it! And no, I did not buy it- because they are supposed to get in a ton more bags and I want to hold out a bit more. But damn, it was incredible.

    white (gold hardware): As beautiful as ever. It is pure white and the hardware looks amazing on it. I would definitely recommend this color for spring/summer. Loved it.

    camel (gold hardware): Lisa (my SA) had described it to me as whiskey without the orange undertones- definitely in the same family but just different. So I had to see it. I really wanted to love this color. I really wanted to see if Chloe could produce another rich color similar to whiskey. But this one was really flat IMO. It is no where as rich and full as whiskey. It seemed to have more salmon undertones. I don't know how else to explain it- but it definitely does not hold a candle to its predecessor, whiskey. Does anyone know for sure if they are discontinuing whiskey? AFter seeing camel, I certainly hope not.

    Sorry for my long report, but I was really excited to let you all know about silver especially and about camel as Fayden posted in the other thread that she was interested to see that one.
  2. Ooooo thanks for the info. Silver sounds beautiful!! If anyone gets it, please share pictures!!!
  3. I just saw the color olive at lvr. Does anyone have a chloe in olive? It looks like a medium brown.
  4. Here is a pic of the silver- it is just so pretty IRL
  5. The silver is also called argent. And while that is not necessarily a new color, it is not one that was regularly carried by NM, so I had not seen it before.
  6. thanks so much jag for the report! well as the camel sounds disappointing, i am really excited about the new silver. i've got a weakness for metallics. anything in the silver or pewter family... can't wait to see pics when someone here gets one!! were the prices still the same about 1540 or so?
  7. That definitely does look like the nicest metallic Chloe has made. I thought argent was a bit darker for some reason. So many good colors to choose from!!!
  8. I saw all three today at the NM at Stanford.

    I have to say the leather was very stiff and not at all supple. I was carrying my 05 blue nuit mini box and even the SA was shocked at the degredation in quality of the ones they were offering, sad :crybaby:
  9. Thanks Jag, will head up to NM tomorrow and check them out!
  10. The silver looked soft and supple, but the other 2 colors were a bit stiffer. The Camel was smooth, not as soft and pebbly as I like. I don't know if this is just because it is the first batch out, or if it will get better. But I might be willing to accept the stiffer leather in order to get that silver- it really was gorgeous!
  11. Is the silver like a champagne color?
  12. wow i just saw that the silver argent is going to cost 1840. OUCH. guess i won't be getting it lol.
  13. Jag, thank you so much for the report. I can't wait to see them in real life.
  14. I just purchased the Paddy in Argent. Here are a few pix I just snapped--it's nighttime, so they aren't very true to color. I'll post more tomorrow!

    I would say the color is closer to the second picture, it's a very subtle silvery/pale champagne shade. The leather is very soft & supple and a feels a lot lighter than regular paddies--I bought the Roche (dark grey) as well, and the leather feels thicker and much heavier.

    *Quick question to any ladies who may have a metallic paddy--I've heard that the metallic finish does rub off, do I need to worry about that problem with this purse? Is there any way to prevent it? I'd really like to wear it as often as I can, I absolutely love it!

  15. mine hasn't rubbed off, the aubergine, but I've only been using it for about a month... I Love it! The new metallics look Gorgeous!!;)