The new orange ribbon, yay or nay?

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  1. Not that I would turn down any gift wrapped LV :graucho: ...but last years ribbon was so much better!

    Nay, for me....JMHO
  2. I like last year's ribbon too...

    The new one should have been used from July-August, IMO? :shrugs:
  3. The ribbon I got this year (the leather twine) was very classy. I do however like the pics of the new one. I'm going to LV on Thursday night so hopefully I'll come back with a ribbon! :graucho:

    In fact, I'm willing to sacrifice and buy the Mono Speedy 30 if that's what it takes to get that ribbon!!!
  4. I like the white ribbon with the monograms in it
  5. I like the leather twine best...
  6. That's the one I was talking about...I think...I would describe it as cream with motifs...but I think we are talking about the same one.

    The twine is the everyday.
  7. They don't even bother to place the ribbon on my purchases anymore:s I am not a fan of the orange at all...I liked pale blue one from a while ago.
  8. I've never seen the white ribbon. :crybaby: Maybe because my SA knows I love the twine one.
  9. I never got any LV Ribbon yet. I only got the everyday one.
  10. never had ribbons...only the leather twine ones
  11. Ithink the orange one is a good fall ribbon...but they should have something mroe sparkly for the holidays!
  12. I liked it...different. Unique.

  13. Especially with the release of the Miroir line, when I first saw my packages wrapped in that ribbon I thought it was a left over! LOL
  14. The orange ribbon was okay...I'd love to see the white one too!
  15. ITA :yes::yes::yes: