The new Okapi PM is HOT!!!

  1. hello, I´m just lloking at eluxury new arrivals since I haven´t checked em like for a month and I see this item, I think its lovely!!!! it´s like the 2007 wapity LOL I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!but I tink i´ll have to wait and save since I have to pay a lot of things at school and there are a lot of birthdyas in June, n July is my bday but I must pay my university inscription fees. I :heart: it!! Nothing has catche my eye but this, but I think it´s too pricey to be that little , to ba damier, so no vachetta to worry about, but I would pay it that´s lovely!!!!!!! since I use a lot my wapity this could be a seond one, OMG I really want one!

    what do you think? do u like it?
  2. I like that!
  3. yep, yep yep, :heart: it. I have the bigger version which came with a huge strap that you can use to wear over the shoulder or it can sit on the waist. I use it for my camera, and receipts and odd bits. Sorry, can't take any pics as I don't have the camera on me. But I love mine. Can't really compare to the smaller one though as that is the one you are probably looking at if you are looking for a second wapity. The only thing that concerns me on mine is the location of the zip. If you look at a pic of the bigger one you'll get what I mean. But I don't know if the smaller one has the same issue. Good luck with your decision and post pics when you get it!
  4. Oooooh I have to agree, the Okapi PM is very hot! Want one so bad! I too have a bunch of stuff to pay for but I want it!
  5. well I´m not alone LOL well but I must see it IRL first, but I´m sure I´d love it even more hehe
  6. it is hot, definitely!
  7. love it
  8. which one is it? Post a pic.
  9. [​IMG]

    Too small for me...
  10. I like it... go for it!
  11. I like it too. It is super cute!
  12. It's kinda' small, but it is cute.
  13. it's cute!
  14. i love it!
  15. I intend to get in in hk next week :graucho:coz where i live, they don't have lots of things.