The new Mulberries !

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  1. :yahoo:OMG ! I am in love with several of them ! Now I have a confession to make , I have not loved the last couple of seasons with Mulberry they were just not floating my boat! But the new line is fabulous ! I want the nude quilted leather Shimmy tote , the croc silver metallic Ava , and the same in Baywsater wouldn't go amiss either ! In fact there are a few Bays that I love and the champagne Mabel ! Now if they just started adding the extras like mobile phone pockets etc I would be parting with alot of cash ! :yes:
  2. I have to agree re the nude quilted Shimmy tote, it's gorgeous. I'd just be too nervous to buy such a light coloured bag though. Wish they'd made it it other colours too.
  3. I know the thought of carrying that to work fills me with fear ! But I love it so much I may have to risk it ! I think it is the best collection for a while !
  4. It sounds as if other colours are still to be added to the website. An SA told me today that the Mitzy hobo comes in turquoise but that's not on the site yet.
    I'm the same, the past couple of collections have been so-so but there's so much I love in this new one!
  5. I think the Mabel hobo would look great in red goatskin