The new movie "Word Play"

  1. I just saw this movie-it's really great! It's documentary style and about the making of crossword puzzles. It primarily focuses on the New York Times crossword puzzles and all the people who do them- it interviews famous followers, like Bill Clinton, and talks to the people who create them, etc. Sounded boring, but quite fascinating!
  2. Yeah, I saw previews and reviews and it looks really good. Jon Stewart (Crush #13) is in it! He's bag CW fan from what I've read. Does the NY Times CW before going to bed.
  3. I heard good things about it and I want to see it. I didn't think I'd like a movie about crossword puzzles, but since you (Marly) thought the same thing, I'll take your word for it and watch it! Pejcharat, Jon Stewart is so adorable. I love the way you number your crushes :biggrin:
  4. He is absolutely hysterical in the movie!:lol:
  5. Thanks!:P People always ask me how I determine ordering. I tell them it's a complex formula involving of advanced calculus requiring derivatives and differential equations! :lol: But in truth it's just who I think is cutest!

  6. That's good to hear! In the preview he looked pretty funny and that was just the preview!
  7. I think this movie was great, but it's not something that you can't rent on DVD. In fact, I wish I rented it because in the theater, there was a woman who laughed at EVERYTHING sitting behind me. Seriously. It was like "Hi, I'm Will Shortz, crossword editor of the New York Times." HAHAHAAHAHAHA.
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