The New Mouse Stam and the EVIL KISSLOCK

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  1. Hello all, I'd like you to meet my new friend named Evil Mouse.


    I cannot for the LIFE OF ME open the kisslock. I literally TOOK A KNIFE and pryed it open!! Every single time, I have used a knife!

    If anyone has a better idea than a knife, please let me know.

    Right now Evil Mouse is staying grounded in the closet, open, because I'm afraid to close it again, and take that knife out...

    by the way, I can't return it. (for real). HELP ME FROM THIS BEAST. thank you. :yes:
  2. LMAO! Sorry, that was too funny the way you explained your troubles... from what I heard, there is a trick to opening the new kisslocks. You have to pull one of the kisslocks pieces up and away from the other... Not sure if that makes sense but that's what I remember from another member who was having trouble. After time, the stiff lock will get easier open as the bag gets broken in. Good luck to you, I hope you get to use it more! It's a beautiful bag, thanks for posting a pic!
  3. Pretty and evil. That's a femme fatale you've got there!
  4. That's a great tip. I just tried it, however, my hands now feel broken.
    I think that member had a SLIGHTLY LESS evil stam than I! Mine feels glued together. I can only open it with a huge knife. I feel like going on a rampage and hurting innocent people who have normal stams!! I have no idea what to do. This can't be normal. I'll have to go to hospital by the time this is over!!
  5. nerdphanie - sounds like you are on the STAMS side, grrr! LOL
  6. Here's another photo. I would have gave the middle finger in the pic but I don't know if it's allowed

    Nice and OPEN, how I like it...
  7. what a gorgeous colour! hahahaha, and your stam is so naughty! i hope it gets less naughty with time! maybe apply a little baby oil or sth to the evil kisslock?
  8. Baby oil, I will apply right now!

    But really, this situation is BAD. I am sticking the knife inbetween the kisslocks, right down the center, and using leverage to separate them, then quickly I have to RIP it open before it snaps shut again

    DOOMED. #&*(#_*%# @#

    Thanks for all your help, keep it coming!!
  9. keep your fingers closer to the inside of the kiss lock rather than further out. Works every time. I had trouble too when I got mine.
  10. There's been a small improvement since last night. Now instead of using a knife I use both hands with mighty force
  11. well, i dont know what's worse, your evil mouse stam or mine that wont shut it! i have a first generation one, and i cant use the chain strap because it POP-POP-POPs open everytime, unless of course it is very hungry and has nothing in it....
  12. Gorgeous new stam!!!

    And your troubles with it are just too funny! LOL...hope you figure it out or the bag loosens up a bit...but not too much that it doesn't close!!
  13. Wow so the old ones pop open? We should start a PROTEST! Revolution! So one day, our children may have a Stam that actually works!

    I am really not exagerrating though. At first I thought that some evil lady glued it together and was secretly laughing in the comfort of her home.

    Right now I have a piece of fabric separating the kisslock, hoping it will stretch out...

  14. great color stam! hopefully the fabric will fix the kisslock!