The New Monogram Pieces - Pics

  1. I like that they're making more shoulder bags.
  2. ^ ditto. I prefer shoulder bags over handheld bags and these new styles are cute.
  3. I love the shoulder bags.
  4. They're really cute but most are gone from elux. I wonder the sizes.
  5. Very cute! thx Jen
  6. Tulum PM Is Gorgeous
  7. I like the pochette tikal.
  8. wooo..
    i like the pochette tikal too!!
    it's cute!
  9. Yep! The Pochette Tikal is really cute!
  10. Lovely! Thanks for the update Jen!
  11. I really like this
    [​IMG] and this
  12. I don't know, I am not too crazy about the hardware in front, perhaps it's just me....

  13. You're not alone. My SA showed me one of these bags earlier today from the back stockroom and I was not impressed.

    I don't like them:hrmm:
  14. i like the pochette, not crazy about the rest