The New Mono Pleaty Club!! (not Denim)

  1. Even though these bags just came out, I love them SO much!! Post pics of your SS 07 mono Pleatys!!

    Pochette Beverly

  2. oops, I meant Club.............

  3. I fixed the title for ya.;)
  4. aww, thanks traci!!
  5. what is it ?
  6. Some MC color will come out, won't them?
  7. i (not me, but my mom) is in! :biggrin:
  8. Your mom has a great taste! Congrats!!!
  9. Ok, I saw these at the trunk show. The metal clip is verrrrrry big.
  10. Michelle1025, post yours please! :yes:
  11. ooooh. i love these!
    im scared i would scratch the buckle though..
  12. Cute bag, its called the Monogram Canvas Beverly Clutch
    bev clutch.jpg
  13. mine, Mono Pleaty GM
    LVBeverlyGM 002crop.jpg
  14. I thought these were the Beverlys - are they also called pleaty? Wheres the pleats???