The new mini - mini sac

  1. Hi

    I know there was a thread about the new mini but I can´t find it so it seems it disappeard with the database crash. So I´m starting a new.

    Please post info and pictures here. I´m thinking about getting one in the autumn to I´m happy about all intel you can share.:smile:
  2. yes i was looking for this thread also. anyone know whether there is a beidge caviar or lambskin new mini?, but not the patent
  3. is this the new mini?
    new mini?.jpg
  4. As seen on Alexa:


  5. I saw this mini in a boutique yesterday and it looks like on the picture of zeni!
    It was little smaller than a WOC, so I took the caviar WOC with me home :smile:
    The size of the mini was the same like the small valentine-flap! If someone of you is looking for this bag, I have the codes for you! Here we go:

    Caviar: Y06500
    -81540 Dark Red
    -93925 Navy Blue
    -C3906 Black/burgundy inter.

    Patent: Y06830
    -44203 Grey
    -54722 turquoise
    -65907 Green
    -81646 Red
    -94305 Black

    The SA told me that is a seasonal bag! Very small, but cute and not the "new mini" for me! Hope the infos help!
  6. Do you know if they had SHW or GHW? What was the price?
  7. OMG this is fab! Anyone know the price?
  8. Thanks for all the info. There are supposed to be 2 new mini's coming out for fall. A mini mini and a regular mini. I wonder if the one posted is the smaller of the two
  9. These are the pics that I had posted in the last thread from the NM SA's lookbook. Can't find the link now though. Blue and green patent minis for fall:
    blue patent mini.jpg Green patent mini.jpg
  10. Hey girl! The price for the patent ones I posted is $1900 through NM. Not sure about the other different styles or leathers.
  11. Oh why did I open this thread? Now I want one!
  12. I know!!!! This place is so dangerous!!! I want a black caviar...:p
  13. oh wow thanks for the pics guys - didn;t know there was a new "mini"
  14. I have only the price in Euro: 1190 for caviar and 1290 for patent leather!
  15. I forgot: they come only with silver hw!