The New "Mini" Coffer

  1. I visited the Saks in Houston about two weekends ago and dropped by the Miu Miu concession stand. As I was skimming through the new collection, there they were, the new "Mini" Coffers in blue and black. This size is a lot smaller than the previous season's mini coffer and it comes in so many bright colors.

    Here are the photos for the black, green, pink, and yellow, and I also included the modeling pic of me with the blue (I'm about 5'4). The Saks did not have pink, green, and yellow in store at that time, but boy o boy, all the colors were simply gorgeous! I love the green and yellow and I'm not even a green/yellow person. The SA Daphne was super nice. She told me this style just came out in fall of 2014 and there was not an official name for it. I think it's absolutely adorable, and I cannot decide which color I like the most.





  2. they are adorable! did you get one?

  3. It's the perfect crossbody for you!!! Did you get one?

    E x
  4. No I did not get one. I've already bought two bags since Christmas and both are messengers, so I'm trying to be good :P But I'm very tempted.

    The actually size of the mini Coffer is super tiny. I'll try to see how much it can hold next time when I visit the Saks.
  5. Ooohhhh! Love the Blue....How much is it and what are the dimensions?
  6. I think the blue might just well be my favorite. The bag is 3.5 inches in width, 8.5 inches in length, and 10.5 inches in height including handle. The price is $1390. HTH.
  7. The bag looks cute on you! So does the moustache. :P

    Will the bag fit more than an iPhone tho?
  8. Thank you! I was just being silly :shame:

    I think it will most likely hold an iphone (6 maybe but not 6+), a medium size wallet, keys, and a small coin pouch/card case. I'll definitely find out more next time when I visit Saks.
  9. Thanks for the info, I wonder if it is sold online too......can't seem to find it...
    Lucky you get to check it out in person...:smile:
  10. You're welcome! I don't think they're sold out online, chances are, they never have this style online to begin with since it's still very new. Also when I visited the stand-alone boutique inside the Houston Galleria, I did not see this style at all, it was only at the concession stand inside the Saks. It doesn't make sense why that is ...:shrugs:

    Hopefully they'll have it online soon.
  11. Super cute. I love the green...but I don't know what to do with a bag that small. I have a Miu Miu coin purse cross body already...used it once!
  12. The mini coffer is so cute...
  13. I am a big fan of the mini coffer.
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