The New Magenta is not the same as the Old

  1. I guess I'm a bit disappointed, because I was expecting it to be closer to the original. What I really love about the '05 magenta is the DEPTH of the color ... it's not just one flat color ... it's a mix of pink and purple ... jewel-like tones. Hard to describe exactly what it is, but it is just a joy to behold...eye candy. I also miss the shiny finish.

    The new magenta is flat...matte, and no depth. Still a beautiful color, but the magic is gone.

    I guess it was too good to be true that the new Magenta would be an exact duplicate of the old.

    Don't get me wrong---I'm keeping my bag. I love it, and I don't want to sound ungrateful. BUT it's definitely NOT what I expected. :p

    Pics here:

  2. yeah, I agree with you, the pics look totally different from the original Magenta... I guess, I don't know if I am disappointed since I didn't order (had a feeling it wasn't gonna be the same) but I am feeling for you...
  3. I *think* I do prefer the 05 too... after seeing livethelake's thread... the 05 is definitely more saturated... BUT 07 is indeed beautiful in its own way! I'm happy with either year as long as i can get my hands on one!
  4. I'm just wondering if Balenciaga has lost any artisans since '05? Does anyone have any inside info on how they do what they do? We need a documentary... :yes:
  5. ^^^^^ That is a really good question!!! With the quality control going south too, I wonder what changes, if any, have happened recently in the design house?

    I am going to agree with you ff!!! You know how I feel about 05 BG Pink, but 05 Magenta is right up there as my favorite color! Even after prolonged sun exposure (see pic) my 05 Magenta City is shiny, gorgeous, and still has s real jewel like opalescence! Then my Box that has not had the sun exposure my City has, is a shiny, gorgeous pink purple opalescence. It happened that on the same day I was delivered a 04 Eggplant, and my 05 Magenta. I could not get excited or pay much attention to the Eggplant because I was soooo blown away by 05 Magenta, especially when brand new! I have had my breath stolen by 3 colors when I first saw them upon opening their packages...05 BG Pink, 05 Magenta, and 05 Turquoise! Nothing before or since has affected me like these colors! But congrats for at least holding out through the long wait!!!

  6. It's good to hear some opinions of those people who have been lucky enough to see/have both. Do you have some pictures, so that we can drool over your new bag?

    I canceled my LE order. There is a bit of regret, but I hope that some of the 08 colors will excite me.
  7. Well I am sorry to hear that.

    I have felt that way about all the FW07 colors actually: flat and matte (except that one Tomato I had which was on the best leather I have seen since 05!!). :shrugs:

    I would love to see pics though :wlae:

  8. :wtf: Oh~ I love the 07 magenta too!!! Which one has more purple in it? 05 or 07?
  9. I agree with you ff. I did not get my LE magenta today because I left work early. I can't wait to compare the LE and 05 side by side tomorrow. I'm sad to see in the photos that it is not the same. I really love how the 05 had a more purple tone to the pink. Oh well. I had a feeling this would happen.
  10. i have to wait until i see mine in person but from the pictures i have seen i am dissapointed. what i loved about the 05 as well was the sheen it had and the color with hints of purple undertones... so far the 07's i've seen aren't that similar at all. it's a really pretty pink but saying it is a reproduction of the 05 is a bit of a stretch. as i said i am very curious to see what the 08 magenta will look like-- i sort of have a feeling it will be basically the LE Magenta
  11. I know most people on here prefer the matte leather ,but I love the shiny finish. I swear that the gloss gives the color depth - kind of like a pebble's color is more intense when its wet and glossy. I'll bet thats whats missing from this reissue.
  12. I agree. It's not what they said it would be. It's not exact, but I love it. However they said it would be the same and it should have been. This LE ordeal has been a fiasco from day one. I also think the '08 will be the same or very, very close. If that's the case, then they used everyone's money for months, for no reason and that is so not right.
  13. i'm waiting till i see mine to make a judgment but from what i've seen so far, i love both versions. i know 05 magenta is a very dynamic color and is gorgeous but personally, i think the less bright LE version might work better for me.. but you're right, they did promise the exact same color.. :/
  14. That is such an elegant theory - I love it!
  15. I wonder if the difference has to do with the finish on the leather. When I was picking out my Summer 07 Aqua GH City, the colours ranged from almost sky blue with the more matte ones, to teal with the shinier, more distressed ones. I ended up choosing a shinier one, because the colour really popped on it.